07 Oct 2016

CFA voices strong support for Prop 55

California Faculty Association members pushed hard in favor of Prop 55 during a student press conference held on Thursday.   CFA President Jennifer Eagan and California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

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03 May 2016

CFA approves salary increase

The California Faculty Association announced the tentative approval of a 5 percent salary increase starting June 30, a 2 percent increase on July 1 of this year and a 3.5

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07 Apr 2016

UPDATED: CFA and CSU have reached agreement; strike postponed

The California Faculty Association Board of Directors and the California State University agreed earlier Friday to terms to postpone the strike which, if approved, would amount to a nearly 11

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06 Apr 2016

BREAKING: CFA and CSU meet to negotiate in last days before system-wide strike

With the proposed California State University system-wide strike a week away, the California Faculty Association and the CSU have agreed to enter a 48-hour media blackout period to allow negotiations

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01 Apr 2016

CFA uses mock trial to explain upcoming strike

A jury of SF State students and faculty unanimously found Chancellor Timothy P. White guilty on all charges of his crimes against the California State University system during a mock

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28 Mar 2016

Update: Fact finder sides with CFA weeks before state-wide strike

The California Faculty Association announced Monday a third-party fact finder largely sided with the union in their dispute with the California State University over a 5 percent raise. The report

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08 Mar 2016

Why I’ll strike: A letter from the CFA chapter president

Twenty-six thousand California State University faculty, including lecturers, counselors, coaches and librarians are poised to strike across all 23 campuses on April 13th if we do not receive a 5 percent

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26 Jan 2016

CFA threaten to strike while waiting for decision

The California Faculty Association is on the verge of a system–wide strike for a 5 percent salary raise for all CSU faculty members. Currently the CFA and the CSU are in the fact-finding process,

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20 Nov 2015

CFA files unfair labor practice complaint against CSU

The California Faculty association has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the California State University system, according to a CFA press release. Contract negotiations have been at a standstill and

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04 Nov 2015

CFA authorizes statewide strikes

The California Faculty Association authorized a statewide  strike for a 5 percent salary increase, according to the official strike vote results announced Nov. 4. An overwhelming 94.4% of faculty voted

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19 Oct 2015

CFA kicks off strikevote

The California Faculty Association kicked off the first day of their strike vote Wednesday as part of their Fight For Five campaign to secure a 5 percent raise. Any California State University faculty that

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14 Nov 2014

CFA and CSU reach agreement on first-year contract, will negotiate for following years

The California State University board of trustees ratified a tentative agreement with the California Faculty Association Wednesday, which outlines a three-year contract for faculty members. Ongoing negotiations between the CSU and

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16 Oct 2014

CFA reaches tentative agreement over labor contracts with CSU

The California Faculty Association reached a tentative agreement over contract negotiations with the California State University system Oct. 15 Though not set in stone, the agreement is a step closer

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31 Aug 2012

Tentative CFA contract awaits CSU board of trustees approval

Members of the California Faculty Association are currently voting on a tentative contract agreement with the California State University. The association agreed not to strike if the CSU Board of

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01 May 2012

CFA will announce results of vote for potential strike on Wednesday

After two weeks of voting, the California Faculty Association will reveal tomorrow morning whether the faculty has authorized a potential strike if no agreement is struck in their on-going contract

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17 Apr 2012

Follow the latest coverage on the CFA strike

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16 Apr 2012

CFA meets at SF State Monday to vote on possible strike

The California Faculty Association gathered at SF State today as faculty members began voting on whether to strike, after contract negotiations with CSU administration broke down Friday. CFA representatives have

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13 Apr 2012

CFA to begin voting Monday on a series of rolling strikes

The California Faculty Association will begin voting Monday to approve or reject a chain of rolling strikes that could take place in the fall. The possible strike is the result

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07 Dec 2011

INTERACTIVE: A look back at the 2011 CFA strike against the CSU

Students and faculty across the California State University system organized in protest this year. They demonstrated against the increasing cost of tuition, failed contract negotiations for faculty members and the

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09 Nov 2011

VIDEO: SF State CFA members speak their minds

Xpress editor Juan De Anda and photographer Cynthia Waters hit the streets to find out what SF State professors say they hope to accomplish through the informational picketing which took

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21 May 2019

2035 Master Plan overshadows existing housing needs

INFORMATIONAL MAP BY BRIAN VU/Golden Gate Xpress   Last spring the University announced the Future State Campus Master Plan 2035 in a bid to address a shortage of affordable student

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14 May 2019

‘Mushroom guru of the West Coast’ inspires students, imparts expertise

Mycology professor Dennis Desjardin discusses mushroom taxonomy with colleague Charly Chahwan, chief scientific officer of SyntheX Labs, in the Harry D. Thiers Herbarium in Hensill Hall on April 19, 2019.

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14 May 2019

Collection provides access to biological history

Director and curator of the Harry D. Thiers Herbarium Dennis Desjardin holds the type specimen for Spongiforma thailandica, one of more than 115,000 plant, fungus and lichen specimens stored in

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23 Apr 2019

Four percent elect president

INFOGRAPHIC BY PAUL EICHENHOLTZ AND CODY MCFARLAND/Golden Gate Xpress   SF State students voted Preyansh Kotecha as the incoming Associated Students president, according to unofficial election results posted on the

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12 Mar 2019

Administrators opt to repurpose funds despite law

SF State administrators opted to divert money the state legislature earmarked last year for increasing tenure-track faculty density to instead bump up course offerings, despite concerns raised by the California

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12 Mar 2019

Tenure-track faculty are worth funding

In a bid to pad metrics that justify their six-figure salaries, SF State administrators have repurposed funds meant to improve the well-being of the campus community to instead increase class

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26 Feb 2019

Black students seek agency, voice

Black student organizations rallied to condemn the Division of Equity and Community Inclusion’s decision to remove the Black Unity Center’s administrative analyst, Hanna Wodaje, from her position in early February.

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12 Feb 2019

Academic Senate to vote on finals week requirements

The Academic Senate proposed a new draft to the university’s Academic Calendar Policy in their Feb. 5 meeting that would ameliorate some of the concerns of California Faculty Association representatives

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05 Feb 2019

Faculty union contests Academic Senate’s finals schedule policy

The California Faculty Association, a union that represents instructors at SF State, is fighting an Academic Senate policy that went into effect this fall on the grounds that it changes

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05 Feb 2019

Photographer turns lifelong passion into profession

As a 12-year-old boy backpacking through the Eastern Sierra, Nathan Kosta knew photography was his calling when he began capturing the vivid landscapes around him.   Now he’s a 32-year-old

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18 Dec 2018

UPDATED: Finals schedule change stirs anxiety, professors ignore rule

UPDATE:  In the wake of this report, two representatives of SF State’s chapter of the California Faculty Association said the university failed to square the revised Academic Calendar Policy with

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11 Sep 2018


       FALL 2019 STAFF         EDITORIAL STAFF    Carly Wipf, Editor-in-Chief, cwipf@mail.sfsu.edu Frank Sumrall, Print Managing Editor, fsumrall@mail.sfsu.edu Online Managing and Social Media Editor, Sahar Swaleh,

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28 Aug 2018

CSU mental health counselor bill sent to final vote

The California Faculty Association-sponsored Senate Bill 968, which would mandate the number of mental health counselors on CSU campuses, has been moved to a final vote this Friday. The bill

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10 May 2018

Art display addresses the importance of student mental health services

The California Faculty Association is advocating the importance of mental health on California State University campuses with a traveling art display called Tissues for Issues. Throughout the month of May,

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04 Apr 2018

#FundTheDream rally at the State Capitol

Story by: Jacqueline Pinedo and Marisol Cabrera The California Faculty Association (CFA), along with student and faculty members from all 23 California State Universities, held a rally on Wednesday April 4,

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03 Apr 2018

“Governor — Fund the CSU! Free the CSU!”

The California Faculty Association along with all 23 California State Universities have organized a rally taking place on April 4, calling attention to Gov. Jerry Brown and legislatures in Sacramento

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