05 Apr 2011

SF State's Associated Students Inc. ready to reach out to campus

A single table draped with a purple banner and lined with a few stacks of golden fliers was the only noticeable mention of the Associated Students Inc., elections this year.

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07 May 2019

Self-care symposium highlights mental health battles of marginalized students

SF State psychology major Taeil Sung (right) speaks to the crowd as psychology major Coco Griffin (left) listens at the Active Minds 2nd annual Mental Health Symposium in Jack Adams

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02 Apr 2019

Students still champion climate reform despite knockdown of Green New Deal

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (center) speaks on the Green New Deal with Senator Ed Markey (right) in front of the Capitol Building in February 2019. (Photo by ‘Senate Democrats’ via Wikimedia

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02 Apr 2019

University outreach expands to help students apply for CalFresh

SF State’s Health Promotion and Wellness department expanded its outreach program to tackle food insecurity on campus by screening students for CalFresh eligibility thanks to recent government funding boosts. CalFresh,

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18 Dec 2018

Legal definition exclusionary Transgender; students react to Trump’s failed promise to protect individuals

On Oct. 21 the New York Times broke a story about a Department of Health and Human Services memo indicating the Trump administration was seeking to exclude transgender people in

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25 Nov 2018

Super commuting ‘sacrifice’ takes toll on SF State students

On an average school day, SF State student Lianna Reich, 25, will leave her home in Healdsburg, California around 7:15 a.m. to embark on her commute. She will take a

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26 Sep 2018

ASI campaign encourages students to register to vote

Associated Students Inc. urged students to register to vote on Sept. 25, as part of a nationwide campaign for National Voter Registration Day with Rock the Vote. The campaign comes

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27 Sep 2017

New master plan reveals massive housing increase

Up to 8,300 new student beds will arrive on campus within 15 years as SF State accelerates its transition from being a commuter campus towards a residential campus, SF State

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18 Sep 2017

Students to rely on tipping to make ends meet

SF State students in the foodservice industry rely on the voluntary, and often paltry, tips people pay in exchange for service to cover the rent. Tipping is a delicate subject

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30 Aug 2017

Will Parkmerced’s construction spell bad news for students?

** This story was originally printed with information that stated that the new Creative Arts building would include housing and retail. The correct information is that there is a new

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23 Aug 2017

New Depot management aims for students outreach

Associated Students, Inc. has welcomed a new manager for The Depot this year in an untraditional way. Instead of promoting the past assistant manager to manager, ASI has hired Joaquin

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29 Mar 2017

SF State students wary of approved CSU tuition hike

Many SF State students are worried about the future and affordability of their education after the California State University system Board of Trustees approved a 5 percent tuition hike, despite

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20 Mar 2017

ASI inspires students to fight against tuition increase

Associated Students Inc. collected testimonials from students at Malcolm X Plaza Wednesday to reject a tuition increase proposed for the fall semester. “This is crunch time,” said Celia LoBuono Gonzalez,

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04 Mar 2017

ASI partners up with SF-Marin food bank to help feed hungry students

Associated Students Incorporated and the SF-Marin food bank launched a pop-up food pantry on campus to address food insecurity among students. ASI, which is in charge of the weekly farmers

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10 Feb 2017

Dream Resource Center provides safe space for undocumented students

The SF State community celebrated the opening of the long-awaited Dream Resource Center in the Mary Park Lounge with food, refreshments, speeches and a spoken word performance Tuesday.   “It’s

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05 Feb 2017

EROS celebrates 45 years of all-inclusive sex education

The Associated Students, Inc. Education and Referral Organization for Sexuality celebrated 45 years of all-inclusive sex education Wednesday. “EROS has always attempted to be true to their mission of providing

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09 Dec 2016

Students and faculty struggle with the cost of campus food

When the needle hits noon and the smell of bacon permeates the senses; flocks of students head for their favorite vendors at Cesar Chavez Student Center or food trucks at

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15 Nov 2016

Students Rally against proposed tuition increase

A group of more than 30 students formed a circle at Malcolm X Plaza on Tuesday and shared the microphone and expressed concerns and poetry in protest of a possible

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02 Nov 2016

Kink University shows students the ropes of BDSM

  With a table full of ropes, belts and whips, a director from Kink University, introduced BDSM to a room of 23 students at the Cesar Chavez Student Center in

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05 Oct 2016

“Bite the Ballot” aims to register 3,000 students

The smell of sizzling tacos wafted through the air, as the sound of Buffalo Springfield’s ‘60s psychedelic rock song “For What It’s Worth” serenaded a crowd of about 40 at

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19 Sep 2016

Visual design students make an environmental statement with PARK(ing) Day

With coffee brewing, music playing and a hotdog-suited yorkie to captivate passers-by, even the gloomy morning didn’t stop SF State visual design students from attracting crowds on their annual PARK(ing)

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03 Sep 2016

New initiative smoothes path to graduation for health and science students

SF State is developing a program called the Causeways Initiative to help create a graduation pathway for incoming undergraduate health and science students. Dean of Undergraduate Education and Academic Planning

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29 Jun 2016

Improvements planned for “abysmally low” University support of homeless students

SF State administrators are in the early stages of plans to improve support for homeless and food insecure students. Over the past year, administration has worked with the Associated Students

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02 May 2016

Students approve Gator Pass for Fall 2017

SF state students voted nearly 3-to-1 in favor of the Gator Pass after the student elections April 11-15. Students will have unlimited access to the Muni buses and light rails of San Francisco

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11 Apr 2016

Gator Pass vote offers students discounted transportation with slight tuition raise

Monday through Friday, SF State students will have the opportunity to vote on a $180, per-semester addition to their tuition in exchange for a Gator Pass. The pass would provide

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16 Mar 2016

News Brief: Ethnic Studies students invite provost to sign demands

Provost Sue Rosser refused to sign the list of demands presented to her by the students of the College of Ethnic Studies at a rally Wednesday. Nearly 200 students and faculty

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01 Mar 2016

Students voice ‘collective disappointment’ at statement from President Wong

Nearly 100 students and allies of the College of Ethnic Studies met Tuesday in order to further strategize a direct plan of action in response to President Leslie E. Wong’s statement regarding

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26 Feb 2016

Students and faculty meet with President Wong as potential cuts loom for Ethnic Studies

[slideshow_deploy id=’70842′] Students clad in black and red hurried around the halls of the Ethnic Studies and Psychology Building early Thursday morning with flyers still warm from the printer, as

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09 Feb 2016

Consent Week to empower students against sexual violence

Next week will spark a campus-wide discussion about consent, sexual violence, survivor support and students’ rights on campus, with Consent Week taking place in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Associated

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08 Dec 2015

Pouring rights agreement falls flat as students rise up

President Leslie E. Wong’s refusal to sign a pouring rights agreement Nov. 19 drew critical interest from news organizations across the Bay Area, but also brought up the question of

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07 Nov 2015

General Union of Palestine Students honor Edward Said mural anniversary

SF State’s General Union of Palestine Students and Associated Students, Inc. honored English and comparative literature professor, author and Palestine nation advocate Edward Said Thursday. “Edward Said is a genius, essentially,”

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14 Oct 2015

Students’ landlord issues tackled at housing workshop

SF State’s Legal Resource Center tackled problems and concerns regarding living arrangements in San Francisco during its first landlord/tenant workshop Oct. 12. “This workshop aligns with the mission for our program

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06 May 2015

Fair allows students to explore social issues

SF State’s 22nd annual African American Health Fair departed from the event in years past Tuesday, widening the scope of the event to focus on the social health issues that affect the

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28 Apr 2015

Muni improvements assure faster commute for students

Additional reporting done by Steve Calderon  As the Municipal Transit Agency service improvements rolled out across the city Saturday, SF State sophomore Andrea Rios said she waited nearly half an hour at

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28 Jan 2015

Cal State system commits to increase graduation rate

The Chancellor of the California State University system announced a new plan to improve graduation rates at the State of the CSU address in Long Beach Jan. 27. In his

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Parisian exchange students Brendon Novel and Auriane Denis-Loupof describe life in Paris during International Education Week in the Rosa Parks conference room in the Cesar Chavez Student Center Monday, Nov. 17, 2014. Daniel Porter / Xpress
18 Nov 2014

International Education Week opens with foreign exchange students’ experiences

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]scar Villagrana knew he had made it to the right place when he arrived in Amsterdam and saw large crowds of people cruising down walkable streets instead of the gridlocked

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