29 Mar 2016

Water and plumbing issue at Cesar Chavez Student Center causes closures

Cesar Chavez Student Center has reported that the water plumbing was blocked and bathrooms were closed during one of the busiest times of day. The water functions next to Gold Coast Grill

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05 Nov 2013

Cesar Chavez Student Center custodians concerned about auxiliary merger

The merging of the Cesar Chavez Student Center with the Associated Students, Inc. looms overhead leaving the custodians of the student center — and their benefits package — in limbo.

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29 Nov 2011

Cesar Chavez Student Center evacuated after flood

The Cesar Chavez Student Center was evacuated this afternoon due to a flood. A pipe burst on the Plaza Level of the Student Center and the building is expected to

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13 May 2014

University plans to shift ownership of Cesar Chavez Student Center

SF State plans to shift control of the Cesar Chavez Student Center from an independent organization to the university’s corporate entity UCorp starting on June 30, a move that may

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01 Apr 2014

Police investigate alleged viewer of child pornography in Cesar Chavez Student Center

Police have opened an investigation into an incident that occurred March 22 involving a 63-year-old man who allegedly used a computer in the Cesar Chavez Student Center to view child pornography,

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19 Sep 2012

Remodeled Student Information Center launches soft opening at SF State's Cesar Chavez Center

The newly remodeled Student Information Center was unveiled for a soft opening Wednesday afternoon in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The former information desk has been transformed into a one-stop

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28 Feb 2012

VIDEO: The Growlers perform at The Depot in Cesar Chavez Student Center

More than 500 people packed The Depot in the Cesar Chavez Student Center Friday night as sweaty bodies cornered The Growlers on a stage that barely fit their musical equipment.

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05 Sep 2011

Jessie's Hot House evicted from Cesar Chavez Student Center

Students returning to campus with hopes of mac and cheese and fried chicken will have to settle for a lunch with a little less soul after the closing of Jessie’s

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16 Sep 2019

Students strike for sustainable future

Students from the Environmental Studies department are taking their passions beyond the classroom this week by organizing and holding events for global climate week on campus. Students from the Environmental

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23 Apr 2019

Student organizations oppose anti-abortion activists, air demands to ASI

Associated Students Inc. responded to demands made by student organizations regarding anti-abortion group that set up two-story banners with explicit images comparing abortion to genocide. The student organizations demanded the

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13 Mar 2019

Expo to connect students with the legal field

The 7th annual All Things Law Expo will take place on March 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Cesar Chavez Student Center to connect students to law

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02 Feb 2019

Monday vigil atop Cesar Chavez building planned for SF State junior killed in hit-and-run

Family and friends will meet before sundown on the stairs above the Cesar Chavez Student Center Monday to remember Angelina Pinedo, a 21-year-old SF State student who was killed in a hit-and-run in Redondo Beach Jan. 26.

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21 Sep 2018

Associated Students to celebrate Banned Books Week

The Associated Students’ Richard Oakes Multicultural Center will be celebrating Banned Books Week at the Cesar Chavez Center Plaza on Thursday, Sept. 27 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Banned

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19 Sep 2018

College students need more education with STDs on the rise

Sexually transmitted diseases are at an all-time high and continue to grow each year. And although it can be an uncomfortable conversation to have, students need to take their sexual

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10 May 2018

Art display addresses the importance of student mental health services

The California Faculty Association is advocating the importance of mental health on California State University campuses with a traveling art display called Tissues for Issues. Throughout the month of May,

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25 Apr 2018

Student explores Satanism

Since he was a kid, Shea Bilé says he has lived in a mystic world. Growing up in a haunted house, being exposed to disembodied voices, incidents of dreams, flickering

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15 Mar 2018

UndocuWeek: A Space for Undocumented Students

As everyone on the dancefloor was dancing along to Caballo Dorado’s “Payaso de Rodeo,” it was clear that UndocuWeek accomplished its goal of bringing people together. “We wanted to do

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02 Nov 2017

BECA student Gaby Sanchez honored in vigil – family concerned about respecting Dia de los Muertos traditions

After months of her family trying to host a vigil on SF State’s campus, a Dia de los Muertos celebration of life will be held on Friday, Nov. 3 in

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29 Aug 2017

Student voices heard through radio and music

KSFS, a student-run radio station, has a new general manager who hopes to inspire student involvement and create a community of artists working toward their passions.   Mae Powell, 21,

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09 May 2017

Students face long lines to pick up new Gator Pass

A line overflowed outside the Cesar Chavez Student Center as students waited to pick up their Gator Pass made available for the first time Monday afternoon. The pass, which becomes

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13 Apr 2017

International students showcase their home countries at Study Abroad Fair

SF State’s annual Study Abroad Fair was held in the quad on Tuesday and Wednesday to highlight different countries students have the opportunity to study in as a part of

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02 Mar 2017

Student Affairs’ healthy snack program goes unnoticed

The Health Promotion and Wellness unit of Student Affairs launched Nourishing Minds this semester in order to promote healthy snacking habits, but students remain unaware of the new program due

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14 Feb 2017

A week of resistance encourages students to speak out

In response to President Trump’s travel ban, three SF State students organized a series of events  for people to express their objections as a part of the Week of Resistance.

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09 Dec 2016

Students and faculty struggle with the cost of campus food

When the needle hits noon and the smell of bacon permeates the senses; flocks of students head for their favorite vendors at Cesar Chavez Student Center or food trucks at

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01 Dec 2016

Rained out town hall on tuition hike becomes student outreach event

Associated Students Inc. were forced to make the most out of their rained out town hall meeting Wednesday afternoon, setting up a station on the lower level of the Cesar

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07 Nov 2016

Students get tips on renter’s rights at Legal Resource Center event

The sound of pens clicking and the scent of freshly made pizza permeated the air in the Rosa Parks event room in the Cesar Chavez Student Center, as students trickled

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02 Nov 2016

Kink University shows students the ropes of BDSM

  With a table full of ropes, belts and whips, a director from Kink University, introduced BDSM to a room of 23 students at the Cesar Chavez Student Center in

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28 Oct 2016

League of Filipino Students talk peace in the name of sovereignty

The League of Filipino Students discussed the civil conflict between the government of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines during a presentation at the Richard Oakes

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29 Mar 2016

Video of Student Center confrontation fuels cultural appropriation controversy

A confrontation between two SF State students caught on video in the Cesar Chavez Student Center went viral Monday. The argument centered around whether a white person wearing dreadlocks constitutes cultural

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29 Mar 2016

UPDATED: Video of Student Center argument goes viral

A video of an argument between two people in the lower level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center started gaining traction online Monday. The video, titled “SFSU 2016 – Campus employee assaults

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15 Mar 2016

Revolution Club calls for April student strike against mass incarceration

Halfway through a speaking event hosted by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and the Revolution Club, main speaker D’andre Teeter proposed something radical to the attending students on Thursday. Teeter,

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28 Feb 2016

Rock climbing photographer teaches SF State students how to take pictures 80 ft. above the ground

When critically acclaimed photographer Jim Thornburg takes rock climbing pictures, he explained that he has developed a special technique. He hangs in the climbing harness on the rock wall, and with his legs

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20 Feb 2016

Student band opens rock concert

What at first seemed to be a no-show quickly turned around as The Depot filled up, drawing a crowd of 30 to 40 people as White Skies prepared for their show Thursday

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09 Feb 2016

Consent Week to empower students against sexual violence

Next week will spark a campus-wide discussion about consent, sexual violence, survivor support and students’ rights on campus, with Consent Week taking place in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Associated

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18 Nov 2015

Students voice solidarity at vigil for Paris victims

SF State senior Kareezia Younger said she was in her home, 20 minutes away from the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, when she received an alarmed phone call from her

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10 Nov 2015

Mashouf Wellness Center plans for spirituality and sustainability

SF State’s Associated Students, Inc. hosted a town hall meeting to present the progress of the new Mashouf Wellness Center construction to students Monday in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The Mashouf Wellness Center will be a

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