08 Sep 2018

Local artist uses work to fight oppression at SF State art show

Dressed in a blue printed button-down shirt with his shoulder-length hair gracing the top of his shoulders, Christian “L7” Cuadrado walked into the room with a small piece of sage

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03 May 2017

Graduating seniors display their artwork for the final time at SF State in a split exhibit

Art students and supporters bounced back and forth between the Associated Students, Inc. Art Gallery in the Cesar Chavez Student Center and the Martin Wong Gallery in the Fine Arts

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21 Feb 2017

Shakin’ Systems: black artists challenge expectations in new exhibit

Associated Students Inc. held an opening reception for the Black Mail Collectives’ art show “Shakin’ Systems” in the Cesar Chavez Student Center Thursday evening, featuring black artists. The show includes

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08 Feb 2017

Temporary studio space offered in ASI art gallery

Walls that are usually home to hanging art pieces were temporarily bare, with only a large wooden studio desk and an unarranged photography backdrop taking up the open space at

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03 Feb 2016

New art exhibit commemorates resistance of Filipino people

The resiliency of the Filipino people will be celebrated in the Associated Students’ Art Gallery during a new exhibit in honor of the 30th anniversary month of the People Power

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17 Nov 2015

Graffiti artists fight for expression in the public domain

On the north side of 19th and Holloway avenues, several large graffiti pieces were buffed off of the stone wall, leaving behind blurry streaks of blue spray paint. Just across

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19 Feb 2015

Gallery to sweep away art lovers with ocean atmosphere

Sitting in a black room under a prismatic blue spotlight, surrounded by the sounds of the sea, art graduate student Anthony Wilson was swept up by the oceanic magic of the artwork that

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09 Feb 2015

Art exhibit humanizes gentrification in the Bay Area

Associated Students is now featuring Gentrification: Displacement, Eviction, and the San Francisco Housing Crisis, an art exhibit that will be displayed free in the ASI Art Gallery in the Cesar Chavez Student Center

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Painting by Damon Lee Johnson "Shuja" an artist featured at the exhibition at SF State in the art gallery showing of The Rose That Grew From Concrete art exhibit at The Art Gallery in the Cesar Chavez Student Center had art on display of art works from individuals who are formally presently incarcerated.
17 Oct 2014

Campus art gallery partners with Project Rebound to share prisoners’ work

An intimate group, comprised of formerly incarcerated individuals, art gallery employees and a couple of SF State students, gathered on campus to discuss racial disparities and unjust treatment in the

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An art piece symbolizing gentrification in the bay area at the "If Elvis Presley was the King, who was James Brown?" opening at the Cesar Chavez Art Gallery on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014.
31 Aug 2014

Art galleries on campus welcome students to express themselves

On a campus strewn with art on lawns, in trees and even in the form of crocheted bikes, many SF State students are still unaware of the three art galleries

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07 May 2014

‘Movement in Paper’ exhibit shares the simplicity in origami with students

Living in a modern world students have so much more at their fingertips that without thinking they can transform a simple sheet of paper into a three dimensional origami art

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21 Apr 2014

‘Sweet Ride’ exhibit urges students to bike to campus

Dodging in and out of a crowded 19th Avenue can be a terrifying experience for a bicyclist. There are buses, trains, cars flipping U-turns and college kids and high schoolers

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07 Apr 2014

Selfie pop-up exhibit makes students a part of the gallery

The selfie pop-up exhibit was a unique and fun experience for students and faculty to pop in and view this new trend that has taken on self-expression and art for

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09 Feb 2014

Art collection reception features discussion with former Black Panther Party Chairman

[set_id=72157640648657035] The Cesar Chavez Student Center’s Art Gallery held a reception for “Black Power, Flower Power” Thursday, Jan. 6. The exhibit held Black Panther Party and Haight-Asbury photo collections from

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01 Feb 2014

Black Panther Party and Haight-Ashbury photo collections show 1960s civil rights movement at campus art gallery

[set_id=72157640398735734] The Cesar Chavez Student Center’s Art Gallery’s latest exhibit shows how peace, love and some revolutionary vibes shaped the 1960s civil rights movement in the Bay Area and at

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28 Aug 2013

ASI, student center merge to synchronize student life

This semester, SF State’s Associated Students, Inc. and Cesar Chavez Student Center are consolidating to become a single enhanced student auxiliary.  The University’s goal to merge both auxiliaries would build

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10 Apr 2013

UpCycling exhibition displays waste transformed into art

Tablecloths as dresses, wire hangers as a lighting fixture and leftover scraps of lumber used to build a stool may look like ordinary do-it-yourself projects, but together they make up

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06 Dec 2012

Makers Market Fair fosters handcrafted creations by local artists

Colorful artwork and creative handmade pieces filled the halls of the Cesar Chavez Student Center Art Gallery Dec. 5 for the kick off of the Makers Market Fair. Local and

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30 Oct 2012

"Fluorescent Virgins" exhibit illuminates local artists' work for Dia de los Muertos

In a dimly lit gallery, images of the Virgin Mary with hands folded in prayer glow through lightbox displays of blinking fluorescent colors. Arranged on ceremonial altars dedicated to the

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02 Oct 2012

SF State students celebrate 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week

“Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” “A House on Mango Street,” “Beloved” and Catcher in the Rye” were student favorites shared during Read Out held in the Cesar Chavez Student Center Tuesday, Oct. 2, to mark

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12 Sep 2012

SF State student Carolyn Ho breathes new life into on-campus art gallery

One SF State student is bringing a creative space to life and bridging the gap between artists and fans as they come together in their love for a common passion:

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04 Sep 2012

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Ship-Shape! tattoo exhibit at SF State features One Shot Tattoo artists

The neatly arranged collages of frames that fill the walls of the Cesar Chavez Student Center Art Gallery starkly contrast the bold, vivid designs that threaten to explode out of them.

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24 Jan 2012

SF State artists stick it to the Student Center in graffiti sticker art show

If street art is the underbelly of the highbrow art world, then hand-drawn stickers, often slapped on newspaper boxes or light poles, are so to the graffiti world. A new

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19 Sep 2011

SF State lacks awareness, appreciation of art

Kelly Rappleye, Contributing Writer Although San Francisco is a city thriving with art culture, it seems the SF State campus is not reflecting that. Art awareness and appreciation on campus

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31 Aug 2011

SF State students turn abandoned street furniture into artwork

Most people would pass by a broken-down chair, rotting and tattered with age on the side of the street, and forget about it. But a student in Mimi Sheiner’s design

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02 Mar 2011

March 2 'Day of Action' Photo Gallery by the Xpress photo staff

A collection of photographs from Day of Action from the [X]press photo staff.

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02 Sep 2015

SF State alumnus curates sci-fi exhibit on campus

[slideshow_deploy id=’67100′] Colorful toy guns hung on the walls as bronze, animalistic masks stared at onlookers from across the room and detailed sculptures of futuristic planets dangled from the ceiling.  Eerie

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22 Oct 2013

SF State hosts week of free Halloween events

Oct. 25 Costume Dodgeball Tournament Friday, Oct. 25, Campus Recreation will host a costume dodgeball tournament in Gym 100 at 6 p.m. Though the entry deadline for teams has passed,

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01 May 2013

Alcatraz exhibit highlights Native American history

By Lulu Orozco The opening celebration of the historic American Indian occupation exhibit “We Are Still Here” echoed through the walls of Alcatraz Island, where occupation veterans, historians and university

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16 Apr 2019

Anti-abortion group incites protest

Matthew Vaughn argues with students as they tear up pamphlets during a demonstration in the quad by the organizations Project Truth, Genocide Awareness Project and Center for Bioethical Reform on

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05 Feb 2019

Loved ones honor an ‘Angel’

Family, friends and classmates remember SF State junior Angelina Pinedo, who was killed in a Redondo Beach hit-and-run Jan. 26, as a friendly, optimistic, outgoing young woman with a bright

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15 Sep 2017

Shapiro’s Berkeley speech void of pepper spray

Riot gear equipped officers from three different departments encircled a portion of UC Berkeley’s campus Thursday night as security for Ben Shapiro’s 7 p.m. speaking engagement. Shapiro is a right wing

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02 Dec 2016

Bay Area communities are chronicled in new exhibit

San Francisco and the Bay Area has been a vital center for many social justice, counterculture and progressive movements. The exhibition “We’ve Been Here,” showcases how so many of the

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05 Dec 2015

Project Rebound mural sheds light on incarceration

The twisting and contorting bodies of prisoners are trapped in one corner of the mural, as a phoenix unfurls its vast, bright-orange wings, drawing the eyes upward. Vivid memories from past and present

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26 Sep 2015

Empowerment of Middle Eastern women captured in photography showcase

Onlookers gazed deeply into the eyes of a Middle Eastern woman, a vividly tattooed arm peeking out from under her finely detailed garment. Forty-three other images joined the photograph, decorating the

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26 Aug 2013

Back to school shows to see in August and September

Summer is coming to an end and it’s about that time to jump out of bed and chase down MUNI, crash that impacted class and wait in a winding line

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