29 Aug 2012

CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed retires amid budget crisis

Charles B. Reed led the CSU system through an era of cuts to the university’s state funding. In the past four years alone, Sacramento legislators have slashed more than $1

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24 May 2012

CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed announces retirement after serving 14 years

Charles B. Reed, chancellor of the California State University system, has announced his retirement after 14 years. “Our campuses have continued to flourish even in the face of budgetary challenges

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02 May 2012

Proposed fee increase for student health center set to move onto President Corrigan, Chancellor Reed

Students are two signatures closer to receiving extra benefits from the health center. A student petition circulated April 5 to April 23 to gain support for a proposed Student Health

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13 Apr 2012

Chancellor Reed places hold on grant awards for graduate students

As continuing students eagerly began checking their student aid award offers this week, graduate students at SF State were stunned to find that any mention of a State University Grant,

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19 May 2015

Mental health services fall short despite student fee increase

SF State currently has no psychiatrist on staff to write prescriptions for students despite yearly increases to the student health fee to increase mental health staff and services. SF State

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27 Sep 2014

Christian club loses support and funding from CSU system

The California State University (CSU) system derecognized a campus Christian club and its statewide chapters at the start of the semester on the grounds of religious discrimination, denying them access

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27 Nov 2012

Study abroad programs now include Israel after nearly 10 years

After almost a decade of being suspended, the Office of International Programs has opened up the opportunity to study in Israel despite recent violence in the Gaza Strip. The current semester

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14 Nov 2012

CSU Board of Trustees delays proposed fee votes

The California State University Board of Trustees has shelved the controversial fee vote which was set to take place Nov. 14 in the wake of the passage of Proposition 30.

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08 Nov 2012

SQE raises awareness about possible Cal State University fee increases

Members of Students for Quality Education gathered at Malcolm X Plaza this afternoon to inform students about the three new proposed fees from the California State University Board of Trustees. The

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10 Oct 2012

UC Riverside's Timothy P. White to head Cal State University system

The University’s past has been filled with tuition increases, student protests and a new school president — and now the California State University system has chosen a new chancellor. Timothy

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04 Oct 2012

California State University names Timothy P. White as new chancellor

UC Riverside Chancellor Timothy P. White has been named the newest chancellor of the California State University System. Charles B. Reed officially announced his retirement earlier this year in May

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02 Sep 2012

It's time for SF State to come together as a community

SF State can seem somewhat socially fractured at first glance. Every week, tens of thousands of students travel to campus from every corner of the Bay Area — and sometimes

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03 May 2012

Student Health Center fee increase proves beneficial for SF State students

When was the last time you made an important phone call at 4 a.m.? While drunk dials and ordering a late-night pizza might be the only time you reach for the

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02 May 2012

Name of next SF State president to be announced by May 9

Alongside a number of students graduating this May, one face most familiar with the current campus population will also be ending his stay at SF State. The presidential search advisory

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17 Apr 2012

CSU places temporary hold on grants for graduate students

With the first year of a two-year master’s degree in counseling almost under her belt, Arielle Smith is looking forward to a career as a college counselor. But since she

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16 Apr 2012

CFA meets at SF State Monday to vote on possible strike

The California Faculty Association gathered at SF State today as faculty members began voting on whether to strike, after contract negotiations with CSU administration broke down Friday. CFA representatives have

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20 Feb 2012

Public meeting addressing presidential search sees low student turnout

The first and only public meeting to discuss the selection of the next president of SF State took place today at 10 a.m. at the Seven Hills Conference Center. About

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07 Feb 2012

CSU Board of Trustees to hold open meeting on SF State presidential search

The California State University Board of Trustees will begin searching this month for a new SF State president. The committee will hold an open meeting on Monday, Feb. 20 from

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13 Dec 2011

CSU budget cut by another $100 million

Gov. Jerry Brown announced that the California State University budget would be cut by an additional $100 million in a press conference earlier today. The new cut is a result

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18 Nov 2011

VIDEO, PHOTOS: California Faculty Association strikes at Cal State East Bay

A one-day strike took place at Cal State East Bay yesterday by the California Faculty Association members as the result of ongoing pay disputes with the California State University system.

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16 Nov 2011

UPDATED: CSU Board of Trustees approves nine percent tuition increase

This story has been updated to reflect University president Robert A. Corrigan’s response to the fee increase. The story was originally published Nov. 16. The California State University Board of

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08 Nov 2011

California Faculty Association to strike over contract dispute

Negotiations over the California Faculty Association’s current contract, which is still in effect from 2007, is still in heavy bargaining stages between the faculty union and the California State University

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07 Nov 2011

California Faculty Association announces strike

After tense contract negotiations regarding the denial of pay increases for the second time since 2009, the California Faculty Association announced today that it will continue with a proposed one-day

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11 Oct 2011

Faculty strike is justified, pay increases long overdue

The California Faculty Association decided last Wednesday to move forward with plans to strike. A final decision will be given later this month. We support the association’s position. The CFA,

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Erwin Rodriguez (left) and Ernst Wullenweber (right) square off with their respective teams during a scrum at practice on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014.
23 Sep 2014

SF State Rugby Club fights for a field

They are SF State’s only Division-I representatives. In 2012, they enjoyed their first undefeated season. On Saturday, they finished fourth in the grueling Pac West Sevens Tournament at Sacramento State,

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01 May 2013

SF State Muslim community quells media driven stereotypes

Soon after the bombing of the Boston marathon, the world saw gruesome photos of the bombing victims with blast wounds, melted clothing and lost limbs. People wanted to know what

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09 Feb 2013

President Wong discusses goals for SF State

At the outset of his second semester as president of SF State, Leslie E. Wong sat down with Xpress Editor-in-chief Kale Williams. In the final installment of our three-part interview, Wong

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28 Aug 2012

Q&A: Les Wong on being ‘catalyst for a new vision’ at SF State

I’m curious what action you would like to see from the trustees and the chancellor, Charlie Reed now and whoever comes in to replace him, that is going to be

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23 Feb 2012

Only public meeting on presidential search goes overlooked

The only opportunity for students, administration and faculty to directly express their opinions on SF State’s presidential selection with the CSU Board of Trustees was met with snide remarks, high

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20 Apr 2011

Students, faculty gather to picket chancellor's CSUEB visit

Students and faculty picketed outside the Student Services and Administration building at California State University East Bay April 18 as Chancellor Charles Reed met with its President Mohammad Qayoumi on

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20 Apr 2011

Vice President Morishita to step down from SF State

In a time where much of the anger over academic woes has been directed toward administrators, Leroy Morishita has maintained an image of integrity. After a 29-year tenure, executive Vice

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18 Apr 2011

Professors and students picket chancellor's visit

Students and faculty picketed at California State University East Bay Monday as CSU Chancellor Charles Reed met with school President Mohammad H. Qayoumi to discuss the president’s upcoming transfer to

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