13 Apr 2012

Chancellor Reed places hold on grant awards for graduate students

As continuing students eagerly began checking their student aid award offers this week, graduate students at SF State were stunned to find that any mention of a State University Grant,

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14 Nov 2012

Prop. 30 to benefit students with tuition rollback, rebate

As a student who uses federal and state loans to pay for his education, Aaron Fisher tracked the passage of Proposition 30 throughout election night. “Prop. 30 was a ‘pass

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09 May 2012

SF State seniors share struggles in meeting requirements before graduation

Your dream of wearing that elusive SF State purple cap and gown can quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re not careful about completing all the requirements for graduation. Seniors

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02 May 2012

Rising student loan interest rates, lack of financial aid pose obstacles for education

From the current debate between the White House and the House of Representatives regarding student loan interest rates to a current California proposal that would make college more affordable for

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28 Aug 2019

San Francisco files joint lawsuit over Donald Trump’s newest anti-immigration policy

Santa Clara County and the city of San Francisco sued the Department of Homeland Security on Aug. 13 over a federal rule broadening what public benefits can be considered grounds

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22 Sep 2015

New database helps students prepare for college debt

[media-credit name=”(James Chan / Xpress)” align=”alignright” width=”459″][/media-credit] Andrew Vai, a senior sociology major graduating this spring, said money is always on his mind. After accumulating $15,000 in debt, he lives paycheck

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13 Feb 2012

New CA budget would increase GPA requirements for financial aid

Significant changes will be coming to financial aid and student loans next year including tougher GPA requirements and limited funding. The new 2012-2013 budget proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown aims

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