03 Sep 2012

VIDEO: Bisi & The Moonwalker serenades Haight Street

Equipped with his black Fender acoustic guitar, Joshua Smith sways on Haight Street alongside his partner Bisi Obateru, who is armed with a microphone. After picking a spot they set

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23 Oct 2011

Forkin' Frisco: Dining on Haight Street

  Forkin’ Haight Street For many, Haight Street might conjure up images of hippies with flowers stuck into their long hair, but the truth is that this street runs through

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12 Feb 2012

Songstress Lana Del Rey performs in the Haight District

A short Brazilian man was browsing through the “country rockabilly” section of Amoeba Records on Haight Street in San Francisco, within minutes he found himself engulfed in a sea of

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23 Oct 2018

‘Beautiful Boy’ sheds light on the effects of substance abuse

“Beautiful Boy” conveys the heartbreaking struggles of both a young man who tries to survive his addiction, relapsing over and over for many years, and the battle a father has

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07 Dec 2016

Nonprofits step up where Prop Q falls short

When voters were asked to consider Proposition Q, it was billed as a “housing not tents” initiative. Now that it’s passed, the city and Department of Public Works are given

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07 Sep 2016

Young medical cannabis patients lose access

Connor Caporicci can’t buy a lighter or pipe to smoke his medical-grade cannabis. Caporicci, a 19-year-old business management major, is a medical cannabis user with a legal prescription for the

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10 Feb 2015

It is more about the gifts than the love for Valentine’s Day

For those who are single, Valentine’s Day may not mean much. It acts only as a reminder that there is no “special someone” to present you with extravagant gifts. I suppose in some

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Compost, recycling and trash pile up in the grass at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014 after hundreds of thousands of people attended the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.
13 Oct 2014

Hardly Strictly inches toward zero waste, crews tackle mounds of post-festival trash

After the final band struck its last chord and festival goers flooded out of Golden Gate Park Oct. 5, the only thing in the wake of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass was

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22 Mar 2013

CA program connects low-income, homeless populations with free cell phones

Ian Smith, 33, has been homeless for two and a half years, living in a homeless encampment under the Interstate 280 on-ramp at King Street. March 11, Smith’s home was

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15 Apr 2012

Music lovers celebrate legacy of vinyl records on Record Store Day

With a renewed appreciation for tangible tunes, music fans are dusting off their old turntables and boomboxes for another spin. It can be hard to believe that vinyl records and

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14 Mar 2012

Local indie band Owl Paws signs record label deal, hopes to expand audience

Fresh out of the recording studio, the local indie band Owl Paws is setting itself up for a summer breakthrough. The five musicians, who bonded over a love of the

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03 Oct 2011

SF State fashion: the latest looks from thrift stores, H&M, Urban Outfitters and more

Nathalie Donche,21, Communications, Jr. Donche likes to keep her style simple and put together, with a sprinkle of bohemian. She likes to shop at Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters but

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12 Apr 2011

Controversial sit-lie ordinance begins enforcement

Morgan, who goes by the self-styled last name of “Dirty Rotten Pole Cat,” was born the son of a schoolteacher. In adulthood, he pursued formal training to be a cook,

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19 Mar 2019

Naked and unafraid

Nudists marched down the streets of the Castro for San Francisco’s fourth annual Nude Parade, with signs hoisted in the air to protest against San Francisco’s public nudity ordinance. The

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07 Feb 2018

Low budget leads to trends

For college students, shopping for clothing isn’t always an ideal choice — especially when money is tight. In San Francisco, there are hundreds of trendy boutiques and clothing stores with

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26 Aug 2015

Lifting the fog: A student’s guide to exploring San Francisco

San Francisco is known for many things: fog, the Golden Gate Bridge, fog, cable cars— did we mention fog? It’s also known for its plethora of diverse bars and restaurants.

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28 Jan 2015

Professor writes book in remembrance of The Grateful Dead

Turning 50 years old this year is the iconic jam band The Grateful Dead, who once occupied the streets of Haight-Ashbury, acclaimed the musical influence to the Acid Tests and

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25 May 2013

Xpress recommends these San Francisco summer destinations

Now that the stress from finals is finally over, SF State students may wonder what to do with their free time this summer. Across campus students are packing up their dorm

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06 Apr 2013

City looks to reduce homeless congregations in Castro District

San Francisco continues to struggle with its homeless, this time in the Castro, where the homeless have been congregating in plazas to the dismay of some residents. Community leaders in

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14 May 2012

SF State's guide to must-see summer events

Summer break has almost arrived and after a semester of stress and dismal finances, it is time to kick back, relax and let loose in the city’s inexhaustible showcasing of

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19 May 2011

10 cheap things to do this summer for penny-pinching students

After tuition, books, rent and all the other countless academic expenses, students can be left feeling a little strapped for cash by the time summer rolls around. Don’t worry! Here’s

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01 Feb 2011

Homeless count an inexact science

San Francisco conducted its citywide homeless count on Jan. 27 in an attempt to document any change from the 6,514 estimated homeless citizens tallied in 2009. Executive director for the Coalition

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