06 Nov 2018

Humanities building evacuated

Around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 6, the entire Humanities Building was evacuated when someone pulled a fire alarm apparently as a hoax. Loud sirens and an evacuation announcement sent

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03 Dec 2015

Emergency staff respond to 911 call inside the Humanities building

First responders received a call shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday morning from staff in the Humanities Building reporting a medical emergency. One faculty member, who did not want to be

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07 May 2014

Security cameras in Humanities Building removed after catching pyro

Three security cameras that were installed on the first three floors of the Humanities Building have been removed after they served their purpose in identifying an arsonist in more than

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02 Oct 2012

Another fire ignites in SF State Humanities Building

UPDATE 10:47 p.m.: Campus police has confirmed that the fire was arson. UPDATE 7:35 p.m.: The fire alarm was pulled about 20 minutes after the fire was extinguished. Roughly 30

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18 Sep 2012

UPDATE: Campus police give OK to enter SF State Humanities Building after fire

UPDATE 8:00 p.m.: Students are now allowed re-entry into the Humanities Building, according to Shimanoff. UPDATE 7:43 P.M.: Susan Shimanoff, the Associate Dean of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts, told

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03 Apr 2012

UPDATED: Two computers stolen from Humanities building recovered at pawn shop

UPDATE April 3, 6:30 p.m.: Two desktop computers belonging to SF State have been recovered at a local pawn shop after an apparent burglary that took place at the Humanities

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20 Feb 2012

SF State Humanities building flooded, no classes canceled

Maintenance staff responded to a flood in the south wing of the Humanities building caused by a ruptured water pipe Sunday Feb. 19 at around 5:30 p.m., after a student

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19 Oct 2011

Students evacuated from humanities building due to false alarm

Students in the humanities building were evacuated due to a false alarm today at approximately 12:50 p.m. While the direct cause of the alarm is still unknown, University police said

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21 Feb 2011

Surprise fire drill shakes up Humanities building, tests system

The Humanities building received a late night jolt tonight at 7:30 p.m. when a semiannual fire drill signaled for students and faculty to evacuate the building. To simulate a real

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09 Apr 2019

Building projects 20 percent completion

The construction site for the future Liberal and Creative Arts building between the Humanities and Creative Arts buildings on Monday, April 8, 2019. (TRISTEN ROWEAN/ Golden Gate Xpress)   The

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04 Mar 2014

Creative Arts Building expects facelift in 2018

A student walks by the current broadcast wing of the Creative Arts building Monday, March 3. Photo by Tony Santos / Xpress The Creative Arts Replacement Building project, which has

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31 Jan 2014

American Language Institute is moved from Humanities after 20 years for lab space

[set_id=72157640334755605] The staff of the American Language Institute boxed up their belongings after being notified that their office would be relocated to the downtown campus in order to accommodate chemistry

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29 Jan 2014

Toxic chemicals close Science Building, displaces more than 9,000 students and faculty for Spring 2014

[set_id=72157640272931174] Students and faculty members scrambled during the first week of classes while administration worked to find and furnish alternative spaces due to the closure of the Science building. The

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10 May 2012

Power out in several buildings at SF State

Several buildings at SF State lost power Thursday around 8:30 p.m., according to numerous reports from students. The outage was isolated to the campus as power remained on in surrounding

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06 Mar 2012

PHOTOS: Rally for education at Capitol building ends in arrests

[HTML1] Sixty-eight protesters including two SF State students were arrested Monday evening after they refused to leave the state Capitol building as part of the rally for higher education. Hundreds

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15 Nov 2011

VIDEO: SF State students sit in on administration building as part of walkout

Update, 7:18 p.m.: All protesters have vacated the Administration building. Update, 6:53 p.m.: About eight students remain in the Administration building after it has been closed for nearly an hour.

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21 May 2019

Theft of newspapers an act of censorship

Golden Gate Xpress newspapers were found in a trash can near the empty newspaper stand by Rm. 125 in the Humanities Building on May 15, 2019. (MONSERRATH ARREOLA/Golden Gate Xpress)

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21 May 2019

2035 Master Plan overshadows existing housing needs

INFORMATIONAL MAP BY BRIAN VU/Golden Gate Xpress   Last spring the University announced the Future State Campus Master Plan 2035 in a bid to address a shortage of affordable student

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21 May 2019

Veteran approaches graduation

Graduating Veteran Thomas Rowland stands outside of the Humanities building on Thursday, May 16. Rowland took classes in this building to earn his degree in International Relations. (TRISTEN ROWEAN/Golden Gate

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15 May 2019

Controversial story prompts theft of more than 2,000 copies of Golden Gate Xpress

Golden Gate Xpress newspapers were found in a trash can near the empty newspaper stand by Rm. 125 in the Humanities Building on May 15, 2019. (MONSERRATH ARREOLA/Golden Gate Xpress)

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14 May 2019

Allegations reinforce community divisions

Isis Tiana Dorley, an Africana Studies student who filed a Title IX complaint against McDougal on grounds of alleged harrasment, stands for a portrait in the Humanities building on Monday,

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30 Apr 2019

Standoff ends after police tackle suspect

A man found to be in possession of a stolen vehicle is taken away on a stretcher after being tackled by police on Tapia Drive near the SF State Humanities

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19 Apr 2019

Palestinian-American photographer highlights political struggle

(photo courtesy of Sarah EQ) Photographer Najib Joe Hakim showcased his documentary photography displaying Palestinian life at his lecture, Palestine Diary and Home Away from Home: Little Palestine by the

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05 Mar 2019

Safety apps alert students to campus shooting

Safety App ComparisonInfogram Crime alert apps notified SF State students of a shooting near campus on Feb. 25, informing users hours before the University released an official statement. The incident

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17 Nov 2018

Documentary recalls police brutality of 1968 SF State student strike

An SF State alumnus who wrote for the student newspaper from 1967 to 1969 provided a first hand perspective about the university’s most tumultuous times as a documentary about the

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31 Oct 2018

Safety concerns lead to event cancellations in wake self-proclaimed nazi student revelations

Recent revelations of an ethnic studies student’s hateful, racist and threatening social media posts have led to the cancellation of the remainder of that course’s public events, according to professor

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10 Oct 2018

SF State forensics team place No. 4 in debate competition

The SF State forensics team placed fourth overall in the first speech and debate competition of the season, the annual SF State-hosted Golden Gate Opener. College students from across California

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09 Oct 2018

Holocaust Lecture Series Begins with conversation on Hans Asperger and Autism

The Jewish studies department launched a series of lectures regarding the Holocaust beginning with two by Drs. Edith Sheffer and Herwig Czech on Oct. 4 at McKenna Theatre, moderated by

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27 Sep 2018

Comic books inspired famed author and civil rights leader

Most of the time, superheroes are a work of fiction. But when author Andrew Aydin saw civil rights champion John Lewis in action, he had a better idea. When Aydin

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19 Sep 2018

SF State to hold a reading for professor’s book “Her Mouth As Souvenir”

Bay Area poets, MK Chavez and Heather June Gibbons, will be doing a reading from Gibbon’s new book “Her Mouth As Souvenir” on Sept. 20 in the Poetry Center located

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31 Aug 2018

Graffiti rages against SFSU construction, lack of student housing

Profanity-laden graffiti denouncing the demolition of student housing units appeared overnight last Wednesday at the construction site located at the Tapia Drive Triangle and the Humanities Building. The demolition is

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29 Aug 2018

Campus crime reports more than double from 2013 to 2016

The University Police Department was on high alert in July as a group of robbers roamed SF State’s campus in broad daylight grabbing valuables from students walking alone. On July

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02 May 2018

SF State opens a new museum

Ancient triple nesting sarcophagi stole the spotlight at SF State’s Global Museum’s inaugural opening on April 26. The new museum featured four different sections: collections from the Americas, Oceana, Africa,

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09 Apr 2018

Fire alarm forces evacuation

Students and faculty were abruptly forced to evacuate from the Humanities building after a fire alarm went off around 4 p.m. The University Police Department stated that it was a

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28 Feb 2018

SF State develops new “Animals on Campus” policies

SF State’s Department of Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) is currently developing new policies regarding emotional support animals on campus. When it comes to animals on campus, the University

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13 Nov 2017

Experimental college makes its second go around

The Experimental College is being restarted within the political science department this fall semester with four courses being taught by students. This pilot revival program was inspired by the college’s

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