03 Sep 2019

San Francisco Chief of Police apologizes to LGBTQ+ community

Chief of Police William Scott delivered a historic apology Aug. 26 to the city’s LGBTQ+ community on behalf of the San Francisco Police Department. “We are here tonight to reflect

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16 Apr 2019

LGBTQ Scholars of Color seek equal representation

The LGBTQ Scholars of Color Network hosted its third biennial conference at SF State to discuss LGBTQ people of color in the academic sphere. The LGBTQ Scholars of Color Network

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21 Feb 2018

Exhibit explores LGBTQ community

SF State’s design space is exhibiting an interactive installation where members of the LGBTQ community are featured through hand-drawn portraits in an effort to emphasize the dynamic history of the

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06 Dec 2017

More LGBTQ+ visibility can lower stigmas

From the legalization of same sex marriage to the inception of all-gender public restrooms, this nation has made some remarkable progress when it comes to accepting and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals

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17 Dec 2016

Brave: Safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community at SF State

SF State students share their coming out stories and explore the importance of “safe zones” for the LGBTQ+ community.

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16 Dec 2016

SF State’s library hosts post-election LGBTQ+ community discussion

This past Wednesday, SF State’s Paul J. Leonard library housed a discussion regarding the current state of health and welfare within the LGBTQ+ community. Mickey Eliason, assistant dean of Faculty

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30 Nov 2016

What Trump’s administration could mean for the LGBTQ community

After Donald Trump won the presidential election, Dani Alvarez admitted to feeling fear stepping out of the house in clothes that would be stereotypically be considered feminine. Alvarez, a biology

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02 Nov 2016

Research fuels evaluation of campus climate for LGBTQ+ students

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story had misspellings of the names “Darius Bost” and “Colleen Hoff.” Additionally, the acronym “CREGS” was missing an “S” at the end.  Students, staff

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21 Oct 2016

LGBT History Month forgets own history

When you visit the LGBT History Month’s website, you’re presented with a list of 31 famous members of the community, one for each day of the month. These icons, as

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19 Oct 2016

LGBTQ+ filmmakers screen documentary for National Coming Out Day

When beginning their documentary, S. Leo Chiang and Johnny Symons decided on the title first — a title meant to represent outrunning bigotry and running forward into progress. “Out Run”

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11 Sep 2015

Event spotlights issues faced by LGBTQ people of color

A discussion on queer and transgender communities of color in the Bay Area’s ever-changing landscape brought together more than 100 people at the Coppola Theatre, Thursday, Sept. 10. “This is an

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20 May 2015

Lavender Graduation celebrates LGBTQ campus community

[slideshow_deploy id=’66668′] Sprigs of lavender, lavender tablecloths and lavender stoles decorated Jack Adams Hall May 17 for the Queer and Trans Resource Center’s third annual Lavender Graduation. For SF State’s LGBTQQIA

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Sweethearts Kingston Faraday and Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski, both actors in the film "Black is Blue," attend Queer Shorts, a screening of SF State faculty and alumni films on Thursday, October 9, 2014, in the Coppola Theater.
14 Oct 2014

LGBTQ short films honor the strength in coming out

SF State faculty and alumni received heartfelt gratitude from the audience after showcasing their short LGBTQ films during a screening in honor of National Coming Out Day. “Queer Shorts” was

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18 May 2014

SF State’s second annual Lavender Graduation celebrates the accomplishments of the LGBTQQIA on campus

When most people imagine lavender, they imagine a flower, or a purplish hue. But for many queer graduates at SF State, lavender represents something more personal: an accomplishment. Forty-nine graduating

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26 Mar 2014

Harsh statistics bring professionals together to discuss LGBTQ suicide prevention

Compared to the national average of 8-10 percent suicide attempts of adolescents, the LGBTQ community has over twice that number with a 30 percent attempted suicide rate amongst adolescents. These

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21 Feb 2014

“Queer Your Rights” conference educates LGBT students on rights for housing, employment

[set_id=72157641286296534] The Queer Resource Center put on the first “Queer Your Rights” conference last Thursday in the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center. The event was hosted by the Queer Resource Center, in

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26 Aug 2013

LGBTQ activists contend for rights beyond marriage equality

The recent Supreme Court decision repealing Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act in June moved the LGBTQ community one step closer to equality and set off celebrations across

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09 May 2013

LGBTQ community converges with immigration reform movement

Rosario Castro had to come out twice in her life. The first time, she came out as a lesbian when she was 15. Nine years later she came out of the

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23 Apr 2013

New LGBTQ safe zones aim to reduce crime, increase security

Tommi Mecca still doesn’t totally trust the police. For years, Mecca said the police harassed him and others for being gay. “I’m 61, and I grew up in a time when we

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05 Mar 2013

SF State Pride Prom provides LGBTQ community with party on campus

At 36, Vincent Mares was finally given the opportunity to participate in a tradition most experience in their high school years. “I never went to my high school prom, but

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28 Jan 2013

PODCAST: Long-awaited Queer Resource Center excites LGBTQ community

Cassidy Barrington calls the Inland Empire the “bible belt” of California. Growing up there she first started to explore her sexuality and her queer identity by joining her high school’s

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10 Sep 2012

California may be first state to ban gay conversion therapy for LGBT youth

Matthew Ybarra went to conversion therapy when he came out at the age of 13. The SF State women and gender studies major was influenced through his church and decided

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23 Mar 2012

San Francisco LGBT community spotlights injustice

Imagine living in a country where being gay is considered a crime. A place where people feel restrained from expressing their sexual orientation, are persecuted and always fear the day

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29 Feb 2012

Nonmonosexuality deserves recognition within LGBTQ communities

The LGBTQ+ community may fly a rainbow flag, but if you don’t exactly fit into the L or G, things start to feel uncomfortably black and white. Without a niche

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08 Feb 2012

Proposition 8 ruling spurs San Francisco LGBT community rally

In celebration of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal’s ruling of Proposition 8 as unconstitutional, the San Francisco LGBT Community Center hosted a community rally yesterday evening. As more

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11 Oct 2011

LGBT conference aims to uplift transgendered community at SF State

If you look at the concept of gender through black and white lenses, you’re missing out on the colorful array of ways to understand and express identity. Although SF State

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11 Oct 2011

SF State LGBT community looks to unify at Queer Yo Mind conference

Although the rainbow is a symbol of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community’s unity, the colors within it are still very much separated. SF State will host its first

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12 Apr 2011

LGBT studies major to be available at CCSF

While budget cuts threaten the existence of many programs at California colleges and universities, one San Francisco institution is looking to add one. Faculty at City College of San Francisco

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15 Feb 2011

Castro 'Honor Walk' to pay tribute to LGBT icons

People touring the Castro district will soon have more than its iconic flag to photograph as the development of the San Francisco Rainbow Honor Walk – a proposed collection of

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12 Dec 2010

LGBT activists protest UN vote to execute gays

A group of LGBT supporters and activists gathered at the United Nations Plaza in downtown San Francisco Dec. 11 to condemn the international organization’s mid-November vote to exclude gays from

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28 Aug 2019

Photo series provides snapshot of San Francisco queer identities

Sonia Nicklès rolled up to photographer Lauren Tabak’s house on a $5 skateboard she bought in the Castro, decorated with stickers of gay icons like pro skater Brian Anderson. Soon

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28 Aug 2019

Local Activist Groups Hold A Month of Momentum to Protest ICE

Two demonstrators held a giant floral bed sheet reading “Queers for Open Borders” in front of San Francisco’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services headquarters on Aug. 19, as dozens beside

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27 May 2019

Bay Area Guide: Five Places to Celebrate Graduation

Nothing works up an appetite better than four-plus years of coursework and sitting through a bustling Oracle Park graduation ceremony. After walking the stage May 28, new graduates will have

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21 May 2019

Graduation speakers share preparation

Graduation speaker and International Relations major Maria Jose Lozano stands for a portrait wearing a sash with Colombian flag on it at SF State on May 16, 2019. (JAMES CHAN/Golden

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13 Apr 2019

On-campus branch of Planned Parenthood takes part in community march

Planned Parenthood Generation Action is an on-campus organization that discusses topics like reproductive rights. According to the Planned Parenthood Generation Action website, Planned Parenthood has more than 350 on-campus Generation

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19 Mar 2019

Naked and unafraid

Nudists marched down the streets of the Castro for San Francisco’s fourth annual Nude Parade, with signs hoisted in the air to protest against San Francisco’s public nudity ordinance. The

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