03 Feb 2012

Occupy SFSU discusses Day of Action plans at General Assembly

Occupy SFSU had its first General Assembly Meeting of the new year Feb. 2, in front of the library. The only large items the group approved were the creation of

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21 Dec 2011

Occupy SFSU camp shut down after overnight dispersal warning

The Occupy SFSU encampment has been cleared from Malcolm X Plaza after an immediate dispersal order was given by the university early this morning. The order came from the University

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11 Dec 2011

VIDEO: Occupy SFSU camp keeps stocked pantry

Bags of rice, sacks of beans and cans of tomatoes. While this may sound like the contents of anyone’s pantry, these are only some of the groceries in the well-stocked

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09 Dec 2011

Occupy SFSU still undecided on camping over winter break

Occupy SFSUcontinues to camp out at the Malcolm X Plaza in front of the Cesar Chavez Student Center. They are hoping to bring awareness to the ongoing issues within the

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08 Dec 2011

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Twenty-four hours with Occupy SFSU

After the Dec. 1 rally and march at SF State against the nine percent tuition increase and budget cut on the CSU and UC systems, the Occupy SFSU protestors set

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06 Dec 2011

Occupy SFSU: What will it accomplish?

In the midst of the genesis of the Occupy SFSU encampment, Xpress reporter Spencer DeVine asks a small sample of students, what they think this gathering will accomplish. Footage by

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02 Dec 2011

Occupy SFSU plans to camp out through end of fall semester

After successfully setting up an overnight encampment, Occupy SFSU held its first general assembly late last night at SF State. The general assembly voted through majority rule on encampment rules,

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02 Dec 2011

Occupy SFSU protesters meet with Corrigan, set up camp

Nearly 150 SF State students attended an Occupy SF State rally yesterday in Malcolm X plaza to protest the coming 9 percent tuition fee hike. What began as a bunch

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01 Dec 2011

VIDEO, PDF: Occupy SFSU's letter to President Corrigan

Video by Brittney Barsotti President Corrigan, On November 16, 2011, the California State University Board of Trustees voted to raise the student tuition fee by 9% starting Fall 2012. With

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01 Dec 2011

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Occupy SFSU begins encampment

At about 3 p.m. today students filled Malcolm X Plaza for a rally against the nine percent tuition hike that was recently passed. Speakers addressed the crowd of about 150

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16 Oct 2011

Occupy SFSU protesters camping in front of student center dispersed by police

A group of students gathered on the quad this morning with the purpose of camping out over the weekend as part of the Occupy SFSU demonstrations that began yesterday. International

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11 Mar 2014

UPDATED: Faculty and staff to reoccupy Science Building in late April

Part of the SF State Science Building will reopen this spring after the discovery of toxic chemicals prompted its closure earlier this year, according to SF State President Leslie E. Wong. “Remediation

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26 Apr 2012

Questions about SFSU Bookstore's future management still unanswered

There has been no shortage of controversy surrounding the impending change of management for the SFSU Bookstore, and even with the open forums finished, the decision may be quite a

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28 Feb 2012

Day of Action has stretched to week of action with backing of Occupy

Once a fitting title for a day-long demonstration, this year’s Day of Action for Education in California has expanded into a week-long affair. This is a result of networking, promoting

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22 Jan 2012

PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street West takes to the streets of the Financial District

Protesters took part in demonstrations against large banks and corporations Friday in several parts of San Francisco and around the Bay Area. The goal of the planned demonstration, billed as

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02 Dec 2011

EXTENDED VIDEO: Robert A. Corrigan addresses Occupy

SF State president Robert A. Corrigan had an open forum with the Occupy SFSU group the afternoon of Dec. 1 where he addressed their and his own concerns about the

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13 Oct 2011

Occupy SF movement comes to SF State, students begin to organize

The Occupy SF movement has officially reached SF State, as students held their first general assembly meeting in front of the Ethnic Studies building today at noon. The protest was

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10 Oct 2011

Occupy SF protests still a strong presence in city

At 101 Market St. in front of the Federal Reserve, people have been persuading onlookers to join them in defending the 99 percent, referring to the idea that 1 percent of

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15 Nov 2012

Students rally against consolidation of CCSF diversity departments

City College of San Francisco held a rally today to protest the consolidation of their diversity departments that would eliminate classes, jobs and opportunities. The Occupy SFSU‘s Ad Hoc Solidarity

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07 Mar 2012

ASI should be responsible for increasing voter turnout

While it may be the presidential primaries making national news this week, for SF State students, another important election period is slipping away. With elections for student representatives fast approaching,

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05 Mar 2012

Protesters take to Capitol building as part of March for Higher Education

The Guardsman of City College of San Francisco contributed to this report. [HTML2] Update 8:15 p.m.: It is estimated that a total of 68 protesters who refused to leave the

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01 Mar 2012

Day of Action at SF State dampened by bad weather

A low turnout and rainy weather brought gloom to SF State on Thurday’s walkout as a part of the national Day of Action for Education. Despite many flyers posted throughout

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01 Mar 2012

BLOG: March 1 Day of Action at SF State

After heavy rain and a low student turnout, the March 1 Day of Action activities seemed to fizzle out as quickly as they had begun. The day’s events were led

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29 Feb 2012

SF State students and faculty share their stories for Day of Action

Frederico Villalobos Walter Parenteau Joe Kloythanomsup Kim Geron Rachel Stower Lauren Stower Sheila Tully Sadaf Malik Siraj Shabber Jocelyn Palenco Ann Robertson James Quesada Evelyn Mendoza Salma Elshakre Zachariah Barghouti

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20 Feb 2012

Public meeting addressing presidential search sees low student turnout

The first and only public meeting to discuss the selection of the next president of SF State took place today at 10 a.m. at the Seven Hills Conference Center. About

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13 Feb 2012

Buck Starts Here campaign calls attention to CSU budget crisis

During the Buck Starts Here campaign’s visit to SF State, hosted by Associated Students Inc., students spoke about their experiences with persistent tuition increases in the middle of the Cesar Chavez

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26 Dec 2011

Tuition increase anger being misdirected

Nine seems to be the magic number for next year’s 2012-2013 academic budget. A nine percent tuition increase was passed 9-6, with nine of 24 trustees missing from the meeting.

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14 Dec 2011

VIDEO: Lalo Gonzalez occupies SF State

In recent months, as the Occupy movement spread across the nation and world, thousands of people have become supporters or participants of protests and marches against corporate greed. SF State

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15 Nov 2011

VIDEO: SF State students sit in on administration building as part of walkout

Update, 7:18 p.m.: All protesters have vacated the Administration building. Update, 6:53 p.m.: About eight students remain in the Administration building after it has been closed for nearly an hour.

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19 Feb 2019

Religious holiday list incites rally, demands for apology

Students and community members called for a public apology at a campus rally Feb. 13, after administration recognized Israel Indepen- dence Day as a religious holiday. In an email response

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15 Nov 2018

Jewish organizations face off on campus

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict made its way onto SF State’s campus on Friday, Nov. 10 when a pro-Zionist group that’s been touring university campuses encountered an anti-Zionist group handing out literature.

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04 Oct 2016

Interactive Profiles: Meet ASI’s Executive Board members

The Associated Students, Inc. Executive Board, consists of a selection of leaders from student government, with aims to encourage collaboration across the campus in addition to serving as a resource

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06 Oct 2015

Business conference empowers women in the corporate world

SF State’s College of Business will focus on teaching women the skills they need to succeed in corporate enterprise at a leadership conference Oct. 8-9. The Women’s Emerging Leadership Forum, a two

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14 Oct 2014

Loma Prieta’s 25 year anniversary acts as a reminder of safety measures

As Darien Lum walked out of his Oct. 17, 1989 meeting at SF State with his fraternity Phi Kappa Tau, the ground began to shake. At the 19th Avenue and

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14 Apr 2014

News You Should Know: Week of April 14

Hello my future rulers of the world, and Happy Monday. My name is Andrew Cullen. I am the editor-in-chief over at Xpress. Today, I bring you what is to be

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13 Apr 2014

News you should know: Ukrainian Special

I’m going to assume you know about the crisis in Ukraine, but I’m going to assume you don’t really know what is going on. Let’s face it, no one really does.

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