06 Dec 2017

Lockers run vacant in the Science Building

Lockers, which usually fill up within the first week of school, are still available inside the Science Building. SF State engineering stockroom equipment technician Michael Lino said that some students

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23 Sep 2014

Wong does not regret $3.8 million Science Building shutdown

The University spent $3.83 million on the temporary closure, remediation and reopening of the Science Building after the discovery of environmental hazards in the facility late last year, according to

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26 Aug 2014

Wong seeks funds for new facility, considers demolition of Science Building

President Leslie E. Wong announced Monday that SF State may soon look toward private or public sources to fund the construction of a new, 200,000 square-foot science building on 19th

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16 Apr 2014

UPDATE: Parts of Science Building scheduled to re-open in two weeks

SF State officials are scheduling staggered times for faculty and staff to enter the Science Building April 28, according to Ron Cortez, vice president and chief financial officer of administration

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11 Mar 2014

UPDATED: Faculty and staff to reoccupy Science Building in late April

Part of the SF State Science Building will reopen this spring after the discovery of toxic chemicals prompted its closure earlier this year, according to SF State President Leslie E. Wong. “Remediation

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05 Mar 2014

Minimal Exposure: Piecing together a broken Science Building

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18 Feb 2014

Science Building town hall meeting concludes no health hazards for students

Michael Buelna, a Zoology major, asks a question to the speakers at the town hall meeting on the science building closure, in SF State’s McKenna Theatre, Feb. 13, 2014. Buelna

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05 Feb 2014

Science Building closure linked to contaminated artifacts from 2000

People in hazmat suits work in SF State’s Science Building, Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014. The building is closed after toxic chemicals were found inside. Photo by Gavin McIntyre / Xpress

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01 Feb 2014

Update: faculty and staff will get scheduled times to enter Science Building

SF State faculty and staff with offices and laboratories in the Science Building are to be scheduled a time to enter the premises for the retrieval of items. They must be accompanied

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29 Jan 2014

Staff and faculty allowed temporary entrance to Science Building for priority item retrieval

In a message from President Leslie E. Wong, two environmental safety firms have decided to allow  faculty and staff temporary entrance into the Science Building to select items for priority

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29 Jan 2014

Toxic chemicals close Science Building, displaces more than 9,000 students and faculty for Spring 2014

[set_id=72157640272931174] Students and faculty members scrambled during the first week of classes while administration worked to find and furnish alternative spaces due to the closure of the Science building. The

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27 Jan 2014

Science Building closure sends students to Annex

Students of the biology 100 class meet in the Annex located near Lake Merced Boulevard due to the recent closure of the Science Building. Photo by Tony Santos / Xpress

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24 Jan 2014

Science Building closed for spring semester

The SF State community received notification yesterday that the Science Building, which had been quarantined since Jan. 10, would be closed for the full Spring 2014 semester due to the

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14 Jan 2014

Building Closed for Spring ’14: Traces of mercury discovered in Science Building

UPDATE: Science Building is officially closed for the Spring 2014 semester, according to an email from Ellen Griffin as of Jan. 22, 2014. Mercury, asbestos and lead have been discovered

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10 Jan 2014

Potential environmental hazards close Science Building

The Science Building has been closed due to the discovery of potential environmental hazards that were found during a routine environmental health evaluation earlier this week. UPDATE: Environmental hazards are

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18 May 2017

URM science students face disparity despite higher graduation rate

SF State students continue to face a lack of diversity in science departments despite a recent increase in graduation rates for underrepresented minority students.   As the percentage of underrepresented

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22 Sep 2016

Students To Be Relocated For Construction Of New Creative Arts Building

SF State plans to demolish two on-campus housing sites and replace them with a new mixed-use Creative Arts building, which will include dorms, classrooms, retail stores, and an 800-seat concert

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19 Mar 2015

Dean of the College of Science and Engineering to step down after 13 years

The dean for the College of Science and Engineering will step down from his position after 13 years and make way for an engineering professor from the Midwest to take

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24 Oct 2014

University granted $17 million in mission to expand diversity in sciences

The National Institutes of Health granted SF State $17 million this month to promote the success of marginalized students and train faculty within the natural sciences. NIH, a national medical

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15 Oct 2014

University funds should be spent on students, not buildings

Capital funds don’t come along easily, so when they do, they better be spent on something worthwhile. A $86.4 million wellness center—or a campus extension in Hunter’s Point—may be nice

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26 Apr 2012

SF State to replace vacant building with grass lot after property sale is finalized

A new building for students will be added to the University in the distant future.  In the interim, there are plans for a new grass field for student recreation. After

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23 Apr 2012

SF State students fuse science and creativity at Senior Art Expo

Science and art aren’t two subjects often found in the same sentence, let alone the same classroom. That is, unless you pay a visit to the Conceptual Information Arts program

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11 Apr 2012

SF State bids more than $11 million on vacant building to move forward with Master Plan

It can be difficult not to notice the heavily-vandalized building located on Font Boulevard and Tapia Drive. Ivy covers the fenced-off building, and its windows have been boarded up for

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07 Feb 2012

SF State program recruits minority students to science, math, engineering fields

Jasmine Williams walks through the halls of SF State’s Science building picking flecks of styrofoam from her sweatshirt. The 23-year-old civil engineering student is in the midst of completing a senior

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17 May 2011

PHOTOS: SF State science fair showcases engineering talents

Science buffs and engineering enthusiasts gathered in the main gym at San Francisco State May 13 to present their projects at the 13th annual College of Science and Engineering Student

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21 May 2019

2035 Master Plan overshadows existing housing needs

INFORMATIONAL MAP BY BRIAN VU/Golden Gate Xpress   Last spring the University announced the Future State Campus Master Plan 2035 in a bid to address a shortage of affordable student

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12 Mar 2019

Panel discusses educational agreement, Oakland strike

Inspired by the recent victory of the Oakland teacher strike, students, teachers and community members attended a teaching about the role of unions on Thursday. Hosted by SF State’s Graduate

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26 Feb 2019

VITA offers free low-income tax services

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and an army of student volunteers are offering students and community members on-campus tax services free of charge. The program is funded by the

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31 Aug 2018

An academic step to the future

A host of faculty and administrators held a conference at SF State Wednesday morning on the need for a new academic master plan to help drive the long-term goals of

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28 Mar 2018

Les questions, more answers

XPRESS: What is your response to SF State’s Tenants Rights group ‘condemnation’ for allegedly raising rents on employee housing and evicting residents who have retired? WONG: We’re in a very

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26 Apr 2017

Students given a voice in SF State’s future construction plan

With the Campus Master Plan set to be presented to the CSU Board of Trustees next month, the SF State Physical Planning and Development Department is hosting a series of

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16 Mar 2017

Student moms struggle with lack of campus facilities

Student mothers are struggling to find a private place to pump breast milk and make diaper changes due to the lack of campus resources for students who have children. According

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18 Oct 2016

Hacking club geared up for hackathon

SF State’s Hacking Club ventured from its computer room in the science building on Saturday to attend a hacking workshop and training day in downtown San Francisco presented by Hacking

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01 Sep 2015

Petitioning students succeed in adding new sections

Two new sections of Finance 350 opened up Aug. 27, following a petition by business students who were crashing classes in an attempt to add the course. Finance 350, or business finance,

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18 Mar 2015

Tower of Power: Engineering students prepare structure for competition

[dropcap]A [/dropcap] large crack rang out in the small classroom in the Science Building as the 5-foot-tall wooden tower toppled from seismic vibration. The students who made the structure moaned in

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21 Feb 2015

LCA moves forward with space allocation as anthropology finds home

A cast-off department finally found a home over winter break, while a thriving program upgraded its space in the first of many changes coming to the College of Liberal and

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