01 Feb 2019

Broken Mic Night fills the Depot with poetry, music and laughs

Poems about gender, identity, coming of age stories and music swelled inside the Depot on Broken Mic Night as part of a series of social events to commence the Spring

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07 Nov 2018

Get Live hits The Depot stage tomorrow for a hip-hop concert

The Depot will be hosting Get Live! A hip-hop concert performed by SF State students and a local artist. SF State’s very own Jay “Bombay” Bodii, who will be hosting

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31 Oct 2018

BECA student will be hosting a new electrifying music class at The Depot

The Depot located in the Cesar Chavez Building on the lower conference level will be hosting the Electronic Music Master Class on Nov. 2 from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. Musicians and

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19 Sep 2018

Music City’s show at The Depot gets political

“Fuck borders, fuck ICE, keep families together,” a student sang during her set Thursday night at The Depot’s event with Music City.  Combing today’s political climate with music, student Mae

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11 Sep 2018

Laugh the stress away at The Depot

When due dates for assignments start to pile up and interfere with work schedules, stress for students can escalate quickly. Some students turn to comedy, whether it’s unwinding after class

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07 Sep 2018

Comedy night gets underway at The Depot

Moonwalking hosts, jokes about depression and no sun –– it was all part of the fun at The Depot’s first comedy night of the fall semester, held on Wednesday from

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18 Oct 2017

Midnight Moods jazzes up the Depot

SF State’s on-campus venue, The Depot, took a trip back in time to the early 20th century with a jazz trio who began in San Francisco four years ago, just

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21 Feb 2017

Spoken Poetry Expressed by All Kinds at The Depot

Associated Students of San Francisco State University host S.P.E.A.K. at The Depot. Hip-hop artists, poets, musicians, and anyone willing to take the stage to speak their mind and share their

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31 Jan 2017

The Depot strives to offer more diversity

The Depot, a haven for music lovers, artists and performers hidden away on the lower level of the Cesar Chavez building, is hoping to expand their lineup to reflect the

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31 Aug 2016

Creativity flows at The Depot art social

Students gathered at The Depot on Thursday evening with paint brushes in hand and turned white canvasses into an explosion of color for SF State’s first Art Social: Paint our

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17 May 2016

Students perform their final music projects at The Depot

Friday, SF State will host its first ever Electronic Music Class Show, where students from Music 436 will present their final synthesized music projects at The Depot. “It’s always a

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26 Apr 2016

The Depot provides real world experience to aspiring music students

SF State is home to Jazz Night on Tuesday nights. Depot manager Lupita Uribe and Muata Kenyatta, ASI associate director of programs and services, reserve the stage at The Depot

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Phil Shaheen of the Tijuana Panthers performs at The Depot on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014.
01 Nov 2014

Local musicians keep it creepy at The Depot

The Depot flooded with excited fans during their 3-band show the day before Halloween. The lineup included The She’s, Banshee Boardwalk and Tijuana Panthers. All three groups pulled an impressive

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Get It Indy performs a song for the first time at the The Depot on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2014.
31 Oct 2014

Rappers turn out for The Depot’s Turn Up event

The Depot created quite a stir at SF State as quick-spitted words and deep beats echoed through the Cesar Chavez Student Center from a group of up-and-coming Bay Area rappers who

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Eva Treadway plays with her band, Big Range and the Rangers at The Depot on Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014. Lorisa Salvatin / Xpress.
19 Oct 2014

Music and Giants fans celebrate together at the Depot

Fans merged last Thursday night when students celebrating the Giants win blended with concertgoers enjoying a four-band show at The Depot. The room took an hour to fill up completely

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Dot Vom plays to a full house at The Depot's Live Music event Friday night, Sept. 4, 2014.
06 Sep 2014

The Depot welcomes Trails and Ways, dot Vom, Bobey and Two Kings to the stage

The Depot is nestled next to the campus pub in a lower-level nook of the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The location tucked away enough to avoid immediate overcrowding, but the

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Taylor Michele Cottingim sings and plays guitar during The Depot's Open Mic Night on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014. Ryan Leibrich / Xpress
01 Sep 2014

The Depot kicks off the semester with musical performances, game nights and more

With the pressure of September academic demands settling in thick, new students will be pleased to find free, convenient fun just under their feet on campus. The Depot, as some

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31 Jan 2014

Weekly shows at The Depot kick off with Talk of Shamans, Wax Children and Tino Drima

[set_id=72157640323187616] A crowd of students waited for the first guitar riff of the semester to fill up The Depot’s tight corners this past Wednesday night. The room transformed into a

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11 Nov 2013

Rappers delight with open mic show at The Depot

[set_id=72157637500760555] Among a mostly empty arrangement of tables and chairs at The Depot’s Rapper’s Delight Wednesday, Nov. 6, Michael Payton gets on stage for the third time begging someone to

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10 Sep 2013

The Depot showcases weekly events

The Depot is known for holding a variety of entertaining events in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Here’s a few to check out this week.  “Live Music” Wednesday, Sept. 11,

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04 Sep 2013

The Depot kicks off the semester with a solid lineup

With the fall semester underway at SF State, students are turning their easygoing summer mindsets into more studious demeanors. The Depot is looking to combine the best of both worlds,

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31 Jan 2013

THE SWAMP: Getting lost with White Arrows @ The Depot

I had just walked out of the bathroom after filming White Arrows guitarist JP Caballero shave, brush his teeth and talk about his time at UCLA when I realized “oh

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01 Nov 2012

PHOTOS: Waka Flocka Flame enraptures roaring crowd at The Depot

More than 200 students tried to cram themselves into The Depot to get a glimpse of Southern hip-hop sensation, Waka Flocka Flame, today. [HTML1] The meet and greet, organized by

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25 Oct 2012

PHOTOS: Barbary Coast Burlesque bewitches boisterous bunch at The Depot

Feathers and Spam and mimes, oh my! Students in The Depot on Wednesday night found themselves bouncing between the World Series broadcast and the silly, sexy stylings of the Barbary

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23 Oct 2012

PHOTOS: Fans celebrate Giants win at The Depot

As the victory rain poured down at AT&T Park, SF State fans gathered at The Depot to witness the 2012 Giants clinch their way to the World Series. The 9-0 win

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13 Sep 2012

VIDEO: Chairlift entrances SF State crowd at The Depot

Chairlift, a synth pop duo from Brooklyn, cast dance-driven melodies to the spellbound crowd packed in The Depot Sept. 11. Just before Chairlift hit the stage, Golden Gate Xpress stepped aside

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10 Sep 2012

The Depot, ASI to set up new venue at SF State for The Growlers Sept. 14

In a dark nook carved into a basement wall, musical guests amplify their talents over the mezzanine and down into the bustling and buzzing recreation and dining level. The sounds

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29 Aug 2012

The Depot at SF State introduces new bands into lineup with first show of semester

The suspense heightened as the lights dimmed slowly. The sea of silhouetted faces waited anxiously while the room fell silent. The Serfs teased the audience with their guitars in hand.

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28 Feb 2012

VIDEO: The Growlers perform at The Depot in Cesar Chavez Student Center

More than 500 people packed The Depot in the Cesar Chavez Student Center Friday night as sweaty bodies cornered The Growlers on a stage that barely fit their musical equipment.

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20 Sep 2011

The Depot looks to bring in bigger and better talent

SF State usually isn’t on the list of stops for touring bands, but that may be starting to change this semester and students might be able to catch acts they

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17 Nov 2017

Depot’s Broken Open Mic showcases raw talent

by Janel Jackson-Oliver, Bridget Pocasangre, Lea Fabro SF State’s popular student hang-out, the Depot, hosted its signature open mic event on Wednesday, Nov. 15, showcasing volunteer’s talents such as singing,

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23 Aug 2017

New Depot management aims for students outreach

Associated Students, Inc. has welcomed a new manager for The Depot this year in an untraditional way. Instead of promoting the past assistant manager to manager, ASI has hired Joaquin

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12 Oct 2016

Depot hosts fall fiesta

Students huddled together in the corner of the vast space talking and laughing –– but not dancing –– as DJ Leydis played a mix of reggaeton and top 40 in

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Eric Alban 23-years-old an Alumni of SF State performs at Strung Out at The Depot in the lower conference level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center from 5-8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014.
12 Sep 2014

Depot’s ‘Strung Out’ leaves students in peaceful state after weeks of school work

The Depot gave students a stage to flex their musical talent this Thursday at Strung Out, one of the venue’s mixed-artist shows this month. The Sept. 11 show catered to

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26 Feb 2013

Before the Brave joins Noise Pop Festival lineup, plays Depot

Philosophy major Kyle Teese finishes a day of classes, hops on his bike, and rides out to the Mission to practice with his band. Though many students are members of

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14 May 2019

Rap battle ends in brawl

University police are searching for a man seen fleeing the Cesar Chavez Student Center after a brawl broke out in the midst of a rap battle on May 14, leaving

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