Mark Dreger (left) and Janice Li (right) taking biking to the first stop of prospective sites concerning cycling traffic by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014.
02 Nov 2014

Transportation experts meet with community to refocus 19th Avenue project on bicycle friendliness

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency and local bicyclists came together Saturday to reimagine a more bike-friendly transportation corridor for 19th Avenue. Representatives from the SFMTA invited local bicyclists to

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08 Apr 2014

Transit agency proposes 19th Avenue subway option, station at SF State campus

The San Francisco County Transit Agency (SFCTA) recommended Monday in a feasibility study that transportation planners opt for a longer subway from Ocean Avenue near St. Francis Circle to SF

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18 Feb 2014

ASI members work towards affordable public transportation

Students enter the M-line train on 19th Avenue Tuesday, Feb. 18. ASI is proposing a new student fee to help subsidize transportation costs for students. Photo by Ryan Leibrich /

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22 Oct 2012

Hackathon community uses brainpower to create apps that improve public transportation

There is a love-hate relationship when it comes to transportation in San Francisco. This past weekend, close to 120 people gathered to put their brains together to create an optimal

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05 Sep 2012

San Francisco plans to add 900 new parking meters in Mission Bay

Drivers, start digging under those couch cushions because soon that spare change could be needed to feed the hundreds of new meters set for installation in San Francisco. “This plan

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16 May 2012

San Francisco looks to improve taxi service

San Francisco city officials are working on ways to ease the pain of hailing a cab and finding inventive ways to improve taxi service. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

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01 May 2012

Traffic light installed at Alemany and San Juan intersection after death of student

It took years of complaints, the death of a 20-year-old student and more than four years of petitioning, but a new traffic light was finally turned on at the San

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07 Nov 2011

Department of Transportation conducting study on 19th Avenue congestion

It’s no surprise to students at SF State that 19th Avenue is just a wee bit chaotic. Between dodging impatient traffic if you’re a pedestrian, coasting on your bike down

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25 Sep 2011

Central Subway Project to ease commuting woes in San Francisco

Commuting in San Francisco can be challenging, especially during rush hour when having to transfer to a different bus line. The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency hopes to decrease the

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03 May 2011

iPhone app helps find open parking spaces in San Francisco

Wasting gas, circling the block multiple times and handling business quickly to beat the meter is an experience Jamaal Jenkins, a SF State cultural anthropology major, regularly encounters in downtown

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Photo: Natalia Pourazar
01 Feb 2019

SF taxi drivers preparing to protest over new SFMTA policy

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is facing controversy over a new airport regulation that will block access to San Francisco International Airport for hundreds of drivers.

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19 Mar 2019

Bicyclist fatality angers community

Bicycle advocacy groups urged the city of San Francisco to add more protected bike lanes after a traffic collision killed a bicyclist riding down Howard Street on March 8. A

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05 Feb 2019

Taxi drivers protest SFO policy

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is facing controversy over a new airport regulation that blocks access to San Francisco International Airport for hundreds of drivers while prioritizing others. The

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18 Dec 2018

Ditch your car for your wallet, environment

Whether you’re a regular reader of the Golden Gate Xpress or a casual passerby on our website and social media, you’ve probably seen some of our coverage on commuter woes. 

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28 Aug 2018

Twin Peaks Tunnel reopens

The Twin Peaks Tunnel reopened on Saturday just in time to ease the way for the horde of commuters returning to SF State. Even better news for commuters, trains can

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26 Jan 2018

Hundreds march in solidarity to avoid gentrification in Mission District

On Thursday afternoon, Mission Street was shut down for a few hours for a March to peacefully protest gentrification. The “March for Mission” which started at 20th and Mission Streets

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05 Apr 2016

L train changes anger Sunset residents

Residents and shop owners alike in the Sunset District’s Taraval Street have collected signatures opposing the proposed changes to the train stops in the area. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

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Fair attendees walk over the Castro neighborhood's newly installed rainbow crosswalk during the Castro Street Fair in San Francisco Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014.
06 Oct 2014

Castro’s new look is both opposed and welcomed at annual street fair

Rainbow-colored crosswalks, foul-mouthed puppet performers, people dressed in drag and live foreskin painting entertained many attendees in San Francisco’s Castro District last Sunday. The Castro Street Fair entered its 41st

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08 Apr 2014

M-Ocean View line underground proposal has high cost, no definite gain

A faster commute between campus and downtown is a nice thought, but building a subway through 19th Avenue is a pipe dream. The project is designed with good intentions but

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10 Apr 2013

SF to roll out bike share system

Commuting through San Francisco usually entails searching for parking or waiting long hours for a bus, but those looking for a quick and healthy way to get around the city

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28 Feb 2013

SFMTA launches Bicycle Strategy to increase bike development, safety

[HTML2] See “Bicycle routes to SF State” Julie McNamara packs her 12-hour day into her Rickshaw commuter bag before leaving home. The 21-year-old SF State graduating senior is not only double-majoring

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30 Oct 2012

Clipper transfer charging issue alleviated for commuter students

BART is trying to do away with the old yellow paper transfers to Muni, but some passengers are wary of recent charging issues with Clipper. People who arrive at Daly

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31 Aug 2012

SFMTA may install parking meters at SF State to encourage greater Muni ridership

Parking Meters around SF State: 2-hour limit: 41 30-minute limit: 20 Cost for both meters: $2/hour The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency could use streets around SF State as a

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11 May 2011

New app will create dangerous parking distractions for drivers

In San Francisco, driving in circles is a right of passage for car owners. It is a competitive, sometimes full-contact sport. Even drivers that possess a coveted lettered area parking

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12 Apr 2011

Broken parking meters no longer constitute free parking

In the land of one-way streets and no left turns, driving in San Francisco can be enough of a challenge. When you tack on the obstacle of finding parking, trying

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09 Sep 2019

Traffic safety measures introduced amid fatalities

Mayor London Breed announced a package of traffic safety projects Aug. 29 aimed at curbing the climbing number of vehicle-related fatalities on San Francisco streets this year. The safety measures,

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05 Mar 2019

City plans to create support center for residents living out of vehicles

Thirty four-year-old Mohamad Alajtal starts his day by working and taking classes for his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at SF State. After completing his undergraduate studies in Libya, he

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18 Oct 2018

Commuter podcast Ep.1

One of the most prevalent aspects about working or going to school in San Francisco is that not all of us are able to actually live here. For many of

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05 Apr 2017

Muni needs to improve reliability

I was recently standing on the corner of 45th Street and Sloat Avenue in the unusually warm San Francisco air -— with small beads of sweat forming on the back

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12 Feb 2016

Muni train derails near SF State, causing delays

A Muni train carrying six passengers derailed Friday morning on 19th Avenue near SF State, leading to a temporary shutdown of the station. “No one was injured in the M

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05 Feb 2016

SFMTA looks to community for feedback on 19th Avenue project

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency had its first public meeting of 2016 at the Seven Hills Conference Center to discuss the 19th Avenue/M Ocean View Project, which plans to realign the M-Ocean

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28 Apr 2015

Muni improvements assure faster commute for students

Additional reporting done by Steve Calderon  As the Municipal Transit Agency service improvements rolled out across the city Saturday, SF State sophomore Andrea Rios said she waited nearly half an hour at

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(Left to right) First time voters Ryan Doyle, Lindsey Herbert and Xiomara Duran cast their ballots in the Junior Towers at SF State on election night Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. Helen Tinna/Xpress.
05 Nov 2014

2014 Midterm Election Wrap up

The Nov. 4 midterm election brought new and repeat voters to the three polling locations within SF State proximity, who helped determine local and statewide races and propositions. Some campaigns

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30 Oct 2014

Midterm Elections 2014: Local measures

With the 2014 midterm elections around the corner, voters will soon pile into poll booths next Tuesday, casting their ballots to determine the fates of local and statewide elected positions

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08 Oct 2013

SF Board of Supervisors propose new bike theft protection and recovery plan

Last Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution that will attempt to cut bike thefts in half over the next five years through voluntary bike registration and quicker

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28 Jan 2013

Muni employees rack up $100,000 in overtime hours

Doubling one’s salary in overtime hours is a dream for some — but for a few San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency workers, it is a reality. According to the San

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