07 Aug 2014

Human trafficking concerns prompt FBI closure of Bay Area online escort service

The closure of a Bay Area based escort service website in late June and the arrest of its alleged owners has reignited the debate between sex workers and law enforcement

Police Officer S. Jung stands in front of a Balboa BART entrance that is blocked due to a possibly fatal accident on the tracks.
11 Mar 2014

Balboa BART Station resumes service after medical emergency

The Balboa Park BART Station has resumed service after experiencing major delays and temporary closure due to reports of a person under a train, according to a BART official this afternoon.

25 Sep 2013

SF State student Justin Valdez shot and killed in Ingleside

UPDATE: Medical examiners have confirmed with Xpress the 20-year-old male victim was SF State sophomore Justin Valdez. San Francisco police have released footage of a homicide suspect taken prior to a

23 Sep 2013

La Raza celebrates Latino independence days

Vibrant banners and flags of Latin American countries adorned the stage in Malcolm X Plaza, Wednesday, as La Raza Student Organization celebrated its Festival de las Americas, an annual event in honor

17 Sep 2013

Parking structure upgrades to accept credit cards

Students still need to circle the multiple levels of the parking structure at SF State, but now no longer need to be worried about having exact change to pay. Lot

28 Aug 2013

Bay Bridge closes for rest of holiday weekend

The San Francisco Bay Bridge will be closed this week from Wednesday night at 8 p.m. until Tuesday morning at 5 a.m. causing traffic nightmares for residents and SF State

27 Aug 2013

CCSF’s accreditation crisis affects potential transfers

Like the other 80,000 students at City College of San Francisco, 21-year-old Giselle Rouede had faith that her school would remain open so she took time off from her education

26 Jun 2013

Supreme Court dismisses Prop. 8, SF celebrates

The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage went viral Wednesday morning with groundbreaking news for gay rights advocates. The high court struck out DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act), a

15 Jun 2013

Explosives thrown into downtown restaurant

Police shut down multiple downtown San Francisco streets today after someone allegedly threw a stick of dynamite through a restaurant window according to witnesses. The dynamite left a broken window

26 May 2013

SF State gators float into Pride parade

This year SF State will once again be joining one of the country’s largest LGBTQ celebrations at the San Francisco Pride parade June 30 — and this time with a float.

25 May 2013

Xpress recommends these San Francisco summer destinations

Now that the stress from finals is finally over, SF State students may wonder what to do with their free time this summer. Across campus students are packing up their dorm

16 May 2013

Cellphone theft afflicts San Francisco

Celina Curato bitterly remembers the times her phones have been stolen. Once at a club and another on the bus on her way home from SF State. “It was super

13 May 2013

Bay to Breakers bans backpacks after Boston bombings

When Bay to Breakers officials announced that this year’s race would now include backpacks to its list of banned items, Bob Hearn didn’t mind. The 47-year-old software company CEO wasn’t

10 May 2013

Online dating increases in popularity among students

Julie Feinstein Adams spent two tiresome years on JDate, an online dating website for Jewish singles, going on dates that led her nowhere. One year later, after helping a close

10 May 2013

Small businesses succeed more often in San Francisco

Much like marriage, small businesses have a high failure rate. According to statistics by the U.S. Small Business Administration, 56 percent of small businesses are destined to fail within their

09 May 2013

LGBTQ community converges with immigration reform movement

Rosario Castro had to come out twice in her life. The first time, she came out as a lesbian when she was 15. Nine years later she came out of the

05 May 2013

Cloud storage's negative impact outweighs the positive

Data coverage, or cloud storage, is a model of networked online pools of storage where data is saved and usually hosted by third parties. The “hosts” are companies like Google

04 May 2013

May Day march in SF attracts 1,000

[HTML1] More than 1,000 activists united in two peaceful protests Wednesday to celebrate May Day in San Francisco. A group of about 50 rallied at Civic Center Plaza marching to

04 May 2013

Ex-addict supports new bill to reduce risk of felony charges

I used to sit in my car listening to the public radio station while I waited for my drug dealer to arrive. Shows like the “BBC News Hour,” “This American

01 May 2013

Alcatraz exhibit highlights Native American history

By Lulu Orozco The opening celebration of the historic American Indian occupation exhibit “We Are Still Here” echoed through the walls of Alcatraz Island, where occupation veterans, historians and university

01 May 2013

SF State officials, husband, wife face criminal charges

Two SF State officials have been arrested in the month of April. One, a former director, the other a records supervisor at the University Police department. Their alleged crimes and

28 Apr 2013

Irresponsible medicine disposal harms the environment

It’s no secret that the medications prescribed by doctors aren’t always healthy for us, but their disposal is even harmful for the environment. Whether it’s through the natural process of

27 Apr 2013

The greatest revelation that beat addiction

This is the final installment of a three-part getting sober series, which explores some of the more memorable moments that led up to my sobriety date, Dec. 19, 2008. It

26 Apr 2013

SF State bribe scheme defendants plead, "Not guilty"

  After failing to make a plea Wednesday, April 26, the former SF State official and his alleged accomplice in an ongoing bribery scheme were arraigned today. Robert Shearer, former

24 Apr 2013

Former SF State director allegedly partook in bribe scheme

A former SF State official is facing 128 felony counts for allegedly taking bribes costing the University millions of dollars. Robert “Bud” Shearer, a former SF State director of Environmental

23 Apr 2013

New LGBTQ safe zones aim to reduce crime, increase security

Tommi Mecca still doesn’t totally trust the police. For years, Mecca said the police harassed him and others for being gay. “I’m 61, and I grew up in a time when we

22 Apr 2013

Thousands gathered at Hippie Hill for 420 celebration

[HTML1] On 420, an annual, unofficial holiday celebrating the cannabis plant, many marijuana enthusiasts pay homage to their favorite herb — by smoking it. This year it was no different.

21 Apr 2013

Hybrid cars may not always be so eco-friendly

SF State is a commuter campus, which means many students use public transportation or drive to campus to attend classes. Some students find themselves feeling particularly “green” while driving to school in

18 Apr 2013

New SF proposal would limit tobacco licenses in city

Cigarettes might be more difficult to buy in some neighborhoods if a youth influence organization gets their way. Youth Leadership Institute, an organization in the field of youth development which

16 Apr 2013

SF rent resource puts SF State student on the map

SF State student Adam Millman doesn’t work during the school year, relying entirely on his financial aid to pay the bills. The mechanical engineering major said about 60 percent of

16 Apr 2013

Trojan alleviates tax season stress in SF

Tax season can be a trying time for many people — a 2011 OfficeMax survey called “Tax it to Me” found that four in 10 people would rather give themselves

15 Apr 2013

Trying sobriety in the trenches of addiction

This is part two of a three-part getting sober series, which explores some of the more memorable moments that led up to my sobriety date, Dec. 19, 2008. As a

15 Apr 2013

Water main bursts, Muni veers off track

[HTML1] A San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency M-line train veered off the tracks Monday afternoon while passing through a flooded 19th Avenue at 19th Avenue and Sargent Street. Authorities and

14 Apr 2013

Plastic buildup becomes environmental nightmare

It’s a nice summer day, 85 degrees and sunny. You decide to go to the beach, not only to show off your new summer bod, but to cool off for

13 Apr 2013

The road to sobriety: homelessness versus rehab

This is the first part of a three-part getting sober series, which explores some of the more memorable moments that led up to my sobriety date, Dec. 19, 2008. People

11 Apr 2013

UP2CODE app enables citizens to report violations in SF

The City Attorney’s Office officially jumped on the technology bandwagon when it announced a new smartphone app that allows users to report non-emergency violations directly to code enforcement offices. Officially launched