07 Aug 2014

Human trafficking concerns prompt FBI closure of Bay Area online escort service

The closure of a Bay Area based escort service website in late June and the arrest of its alleged owners has reignited the debate between sex workers and law enforcement

23 Apr 2013

New LGBTQ safe zones aim to reduce crime, increase security

Tommi Mecca still doesn’t totally trust the police. For years, Mecca said the police harassed him and others for being gay. “I’m 61, and I grew up in a time when we

11 Apr 2013

UP2CODE app enables citizens to report violations in SF

The City Attorney’s Office officially jumped on the technology bandwagon when it announced a new smartphone app that allows users to report non-emergency violations directly to code enforcement offices. Officially launched

03 Apr 2013

New legislation to expand buffer zone around Planned Parenthood clinics

If proposed legislation becomes law, women in San Francisco may get the chance to walk into Planned Parenthood clinics without having to wade through a sea of protesters. Supervisor David

07 Mar 2013

SFUSD may receive more funds for low-income students

In a city where more than 12 percent of its residents live under the poverty level, the San Francisco Unified School District stands to receive close to $4,000 more per

20 Feb 2013

Same-sex couples arrested at Valentine's Day protest at City Hall

While many couples rejoiced in San Francisco’s City Hall on Valentine’s Day after having their marriage recognized by the state, several same-sex couples were hauled away in zip ties by

12 Feb 2013

Nudity ban ignites protest, fuels opposition to supervisor's seat

A gathering of nudists and naturists bared all at a protest against the citywide ban on public nudity at San Francisco’s City Hall on Feb. 1. In light of the

05 Feb 2013

Immigration reform reignites policy discussion

Immigrant rights activist­­ Perla Flores crossed the border unchecked with her parents when she was 8 years old and lived undocumented for years. In 2010, she got her green card,

29 Jan 2013

New drug disposal program aims to cut down pollution, abuse

In response to a mounting body of evidence that says pharmaceutical waste is ending up in our drinking water and polluting the environment, San Francisco has instituted a new program

05 Dec 2012

Norman Yee named District 7 supervisor after close race

Counting ballots took longer than usual in the race for District 7 supervisor, but Norman Yee, president of the San Francisco Board of Education, snagged the open seat left by

29 Nov 2012

Students, advocates work for immigration policy reform

Students and immigrant rights organizations plan to capitalize on the momentum from the 2012 election in which Latino voters favored Barack Obama over Mitt Romney 3-1. Lawmakers are beginning to

20 Nov 2012

Board of Supervisors narrowly passes public nudity ban

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors narrowly passed a measure banning public nudity 6-5 Tuesday afternoon. The ban will be in effect for parks, plazas and on public transportation. The

07 Nov 2012

FX Crowley leads District 7 race after 'formatting error' is fixed

Ranked-choice voting made it a tight race for the District 7 San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and after a formatting error from the San Francisco elections website, Francis Xavier Crowley

07 Nov 2012

Voters likely to pass Prop. 30

Victory for Proposition 30 — Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax measure intended to prevent massive cuts in state funding to education — looked likely Tuesday night as votes continued to be

31 Oct 2012

First-time voters at SF State gear up for election

By Danielle Steffenhagen and Noemy Mena Chris Limon, who comes  from a family of undocumented immigrants, is proud to be voting for the first time in this election after realizing

31 Oct 2012

Prop. 32 reduces political power of unions

As the role of money in politics continues to increase, one proposition facing California voters aims to limit contributions from certain groups. Yet opponents say that special exemptions in the

30 Oct 2012

Prop. 30 to give students helping hand with tuition woes

The life of a student isn’t what it used to be. With overcrowded classrooms, limited financial aid and increased tuition costs, higher education in California is barely staying afloat. It’s

24 Oct 2012

Prop. 38 prioritizes K-12 funding but leaves higher education behind

College students need to be wary of where they place their vote for education this November, with competing propositions that could result in both a higher income tax and a

17 Oct 2012

San Francisco to consider banning public nudity

Daring to be bare might result in a hefty fine following the introduction of proposed legislation that could ban public nudity in San Francisco. The legislation has been brought on

17 Oct 2012

Prop. 35 would beef up current human trafficking penalties

In addition to the many propositions on the ballot this November, voters will get the chance to decide on an issue with ramifications that will reach far beyond the state.

09 Oct 2012

Prop. 36 would revise current three-strikes law

California’s conservative stance on crime and punishment could become a bit more liberal — if only a bit — as Proposition 36 aims to change the long-standing three-strikes law this

09 Oct 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown bars college officers from demanding applicants' social media information

Students have a little less to worry about when it comes to privacy on social media sites thanks to recent legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown passed SB 1349,

01 Oct 2012

San Francisco plastic bag ban goes into effect today

San Francisco’s plastic bag ban goes into effect today as another step toward becoming a “zero-waste” city. Store owners who don’t comply with the ban will be subject to a fine.

28 Sep 2012

District 7 supervisor candidates debate Prop. A, Parkmerced redevelopment, pedestrian safety

In a room scattered with candidate supporters and a handful of students, the five candidates for District 7 Supervisor gathered at SF State to discuss a series of student and

27 Sep 2012

San Francisco for Democracy reaffirms public education, health care, women's rights for upcoming election

As election time draws near, San Francisco for Democracy explained how the upcoming election could affect key issues like health care and public education. The grassroots organization met Wednesday night to discuss

25 Sep 2012

Prop. 34 to repeal death penalty if passed

More than 700 inmates are awaiting their sentences on death row in California. They have one cell each and a higher level of security than other inmates. Through the crimes

20 Sep 2012

UPDATE: Cal State Board of Trustees approves 5 percent tuition increase if Prop. 30 fails

UPDATE Sept. 20: The California State University Board of Trustees approved a 5 percent tuition increase and a $250 million cut to the CSU system yesterday if Proposition 30 fails.

12 Sep 2012

Food trucks plan to provide healthy meals to Tenderloin residents

A former San Francisco supervisor hopes to put a new spin on food trucks by employing — and catering to — the homeless. Former Supervisor Bevan Dufty was inspired by

10 Sep 2012

California may be first state to ban gay conversion therapy for LGBT youth

Matthew Ybarra went to conversion therapy when he came out at the age of 13. The SF State women and gender studies major was influenced through his church and decided

09 Sep 2012

State's budget crunch means enrollment freeze for new Cal State University students

This spring, only a fraction of the usual number of new students will appear on California State University campuses. All 23 campuses in the system plan to limit admissions for

05 Sep 2012

Undocumented SF State students wary of deferred action program

President Barack Obama’s unilateral change to immigration enforcement policy announced June 15 could afford many undocumented students an opportunity that most U.S. citizens take for granted – the chance that

04 Sep 2012

Election Day preview: important propositions that directly affect SF State students

The 2012 California state election has 11 propositions on the Nov. 6 ballot, two of which concern the future of public education and will have widespread effects despite their outcome.

16 May 2012

Student loan interest rates may double next academic year

Between rising tuition, severe budget cuts and a possible interest rate increase on college loans, students are growing frustrated with the cost of higher education. Not long ago, national student

03 Apr 2012

New legislation on student housing in San Francisco in the works

Students may not need to use Craigslist to find housing anymore. Together, Supervisor Scott Wiener, the San Francisco Planning Department and the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition have been working

28 Mar 2012

Ranked-choice voting could be eliminated by new measure on November ballot

It seems that top three lists are successful in ranking movies and tourist destinations, but not so much in elections. A measure to eliminate ranked-choice voting will be given to

07 Mar 2012

San Francisco ban on plastic grocery store bags to take effect in October

Retail customers in San Francisco will soon have another change to add to their purchase if they want a bag to carry home their goods. In an effort to be