Police Officer S. Jung stands in front of a Balboa BART entrance that is blocked due to a possibly fatal accident on the tracks.
11 Mar 2014

Balboa BART Station resumes service after medical emergency

The Balboa Park BART Station has resumed service after experiencing major delays and temporary closure due to reports of a person under a train, according to a BART official this afternoon.

17 Sep 2013

Parking structure upgrades to accept credit cards

Students still need to circle the multiple levels of the parking structure at SF State, but now no longer need to be worried about having exact change to pay. Lot

28 Aug 2013

Bay Bridge closes for rest of holiday weekend

The San Francisco Bay Bridge will be closed this week from Wednesday night at 8 p.m. until Tuesday morning at 5 a.m. causing traffic nightmares for residents and SF State

15 Apr 2013

Water main bursts, Muni veers off track

[HTML1] A San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency M-line train veered off the tracks Monday afternoon while passing through a flooded 19th Avenue at 19th Avenue and Sargent Street. Authorities and

10 Apr 2013

SF to roll out bike share system

Commuting through San Francisco usually entails searching for parking or waiting long hours for a bus, but those looking for a quick and healthy way to get around the city

09 Apr 2013

Distracted drivers provoke crackdown on statewide enforcement

Sneaking a peek at your phone while behind the wheel is never a good idea, but it could be extra costly this month as the California Highway Patrol cracks down

28 Feb 2013

SFMTA launches Bicycle Strategy to increase bike development, safety

[HTML2] See “Bicycle routes to SF State” Julie McNamara packs her 12-hour day into her Rickshaw commuter bag before leaving home. The 21-year-old SF State graduating senior is not only double-majoring

28 Jan 2013

Muni employees rack up $100,000 in overtime hours

Doubling one’s salary in overtime hours is a dream for some — but for a few San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency workers, it is a reality. According to the San

28 Nov 2012

Muni to launch new line for 5-Fulton during spring

After a long day of school, business major Justin Helzberg wants to get home so he can kick off his shoes, doze off for an hour and catch up on

13 Nov 2012

Newly launched Wheelz offers car-sharing services to students

Urban drivers have an innovative new option to rent vehicles in San Francisco — even a ride that might be just next door. After success at several universities throughout the

25 Oct 2012

SFMTA awarded $942 million grant for Central Subway

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency was awarded nearly $1 billion in federal grants and funds to construct the highly anticipated Central Subway connecting the Bayview District to Chinatown and

12 Oct 2012

Four-alarm fire in West Portal now contained

Update 10:54 a.m.: Service has been fully restored to all lines according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority. A fire in West Portal that was reported at 4:40 a.m.

24 Sep 2012

BART sees record-breaking ridership in September

As students from SF State and other schools throughout the Bay Area are back in session, BART, Muni and Caltrain have seen a spike in ridership in September, marking a record-breaking

17 Sep 2012

BART to hold community events for its 40th anniversary

Forty years ago, BART slid open its doors and connected people from across the Bay Area. With a legacy of such expansion, the agency plans to continue its growth in

05 Sep 2012

San Francisco plans to add 900 new parking meters in Mission Bay

Drivers, start digging under those couch cushions because soon that spare change could be needed to feed the hundreds of new meters set for installation in San Francisco. “This plan

31 Aug 2012

SFMTA may install parking meters at SF State to encourage greater Muni ridership

Parking Meters around SF State: 2-hour limit: 41 30-minute limit: 20 Cost for both meters: $2/hour The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency could use streets around SF State as a

29 Aug 2012

BART's bike pilot program to end Aug. 31

Many Bay Area commuters will be relieved to see the BART bicycle pilot program ends Aug. 31, while others believe the program could support cyclists and the environment. Throughout August,

16 May 2012

San Francisco looks to improve taxi service

San Francisco city officials are working on ways to ease the pain of hailing a cab and finding inventive ways to improve taxi service. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

09 May 2012

SF State commuter students may be forced to buy Clipper card

Update 5/12/12: Beginning Aug. 1, students who scan their Clipper cards before exiting BART will have 23 hours to use the transfer before it voids, as opposed to a one hour

01 May 2012

Traffic light installed at Alemany and San Juan intersection after death of student

It took years of complaints, the death of a 20-year-old student and more than four years of petitioning, but a new traffic light was finally turned on at the San

29 Apr 2012

New cameras installed on Muni buses to catch cars in bus-only lanes

Motorists in San Francisco who park or drive in bus lanes may soon be in for a rude awakening. In an effort to improve bus services, the San Francisco Municipal

23 Apr 2012

Muni service disrupted after person is struck by train

Update 4:45 p.m.: A male in a wheelchair was on the Muni tracks and was struck by a train around noon at Civic Center station, according to the San Francisco

11 Apr 2012

Muni looks to shorten commute times on 28 and M lines

The long journey to and from school may get shorter next year as Muni pursues a series of proposals to cut travel time along 19th Avenue. The proposed changes are

28 Mar 2012

BART to increase fares in July, amount still unclear

By Brad Wilson, special to Xpress The cost of getting to school may soon climb higher, with the BART Board of Trustees set to raise fares within the next few

08 Mar 2012

Golden Gate Bridge to implement all-electronic toll system in December

The majestic Golden Gate Bridge has been a San Francisco icon for 75 years, but the toll workers will soon become obsolete to its day-to-day operations. The bridge will no

24 Feb 2012

New BART cars being made overseas is no surprise to experts

Commuters tired of BART’s carpet-lined compartments have a lot to look forward to in the coming years as the transportation service begins shopping for a firm to build new trains,

18 Feb 2012

Bay Bridge closed for construction over President's Day Weekend

UPDATE: The upper westbound deck of the Bay Bridge reopened more than a day earlier than scheduled Sunday.  The successful completion of the bridge was due to “a combination of

31 Jan 2012

Muni to add new streetcar route for America's Cup

The San Francisco Municipal Public Transportation Agency plans to extend public transportation to funnel the influx of foot traffic during the America’s Cup races summer 2013, with test runs of

13 Dec 2011

Bus Rapid Transit construction delayed again

San Francisco public transit has hit yet another snag in the road. Originally planned for 2004 and again in 2006, a Bus Rapid Transit system would have brought a high speed

09 Dec 2011

High-speed train connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles a long way from finished

San Francisco is known for its robust and accessible public transportation. A big upgrade is on the horizon in the form of a high-speed rail that will connect the city

06 Dec 2011

BART will shut down cell phone service in "extreme circumstances"

The BART board of directors held a meeting Thursday, Dec. 1 and voted unanimously for a new policy for riders that would allow cell phone service to be shut down

15 Nov 2011

BART considering discount for frequent riders

San Francisco is a city largely dependent on public transportation. Fare hikes have been the norm lately, but BART is now considering offering discounts to high volume commuters. A new

08 Nov 2011

Crossing guards work to keep SF State students safe

As the light turns green, more than 50 students rush past the crossing guard at 19th and Holloway avenues as if she doesn’t even exist. Their minds are too preoccupied

07 Nov 2011

VIDEO: San Franciscans' craziest Muni stories

San Francisco is home to one of the nation’s most infamous transit systems. With nearly 100 Muni routes and half a dozen BART lines, there are bound to be bizarre,

07 Nov 2011

Department of Transportation conducting study on 19th Avenue congestion

It’s no surprise to students at SF State that 19th Avenue is just a wee bit chaotic. Between dodging impatient traffic if you’re a pedestrian, coasting on your bike down

Picture 3
25 Oct 2011

Muni changes route for 28-Limited bus as part of pilot project

With budgets always being cut, the commute to SF State isn’t getting any easier.  On Oct. 17, a change was made to the frequency of the 28-L, a crucial route