27 May 2013

Graduate to empower Afghan kids through skateboarding

Leila Mzali was online searching for an image of a girl on a skateboard when she stumbled upon a picture of an Afghan girl skateboarding. She clicked the photograph and

22 May 2013

Campus resources help students dress for their big interviews

As the class of 2013 prepares to leave life at SF State, many graduates find themselves on the search for their future careers. Among the many important steps to land

22 May 2013

SF State incidents create mixed reactions among students

[HTML1] SF State hosted its share of excitement this past week with six arrests, two protests and a load of stress to students, staff and faculty. The arrest of six

08 May 2013

SF State student earns dream internship in foreign policy

Margaux Curcuru looks starry-eyed as she roams the hallways of the HSS Building and appears to be a dreamer in the clouds as she scans postings on various bulletin boards.

23 Apr 2013

Vocal performance student discovers lost Filipino love songs

Standing at a mere 5-foot-3, 22-year-old Rachel Larsen is packed with passion and —  surprisingly — one of the biggest voices you’ve ever heard. As a graduating senior this May,

14 Feb 2013

SF State alum launches smartphone rewards app

Hot out of SF State, business major graduate Michael Perry entered the world of Silicon Valley with fire and passion, and a plan for a simple mobile phone app that

22 Dec 2012

VIDEO: 61-year-old creative writing student expands on importance of education

Fred Dodsworth, a man not shy of an abundance of charm and energy, speaks out about his choices to go back to school and sheds a little light for those

19 Dec 2012

PHOTOS: Musical theatre and dance student conquers stress through performing arts

Balancing classes, homework, a job or two, extracurricular activities, friends, and family can be stressful. It can be especially difficult coping with the anxiety that comes from having a close

16 Dec 2012

PHOTOS: SF State students learn value of labor

For a college student, getting a job can be a crucial step in staying afloat as an independent adult. Most students find that keeping a steady job and doing well

16 Dec 2012

PHOTOS: SF State students sculpt final projects

Brass knuckles or an intricate windmill? The sky’s the limit for what students in the sculpture II class at SF State can create. Anything that involves steel, wood — or

12 Dec 2012

SF State playwright encapsulates hilarity of everyday life

It’s one thing to recall a moment of hilarity in everyday life and quite another to translate that amusement into writing. Graham Gremore, a master’s degree candidate at SF State

06 Nov 2012

BECA senior Danny Myers looks for love in 'Bad Girls Club' spinoff

SF State has had its fair share of famous alumni — including actors Danny Glover, Jeffrey Tambor and Dana Carvey — once gracing its halls, but the University’s newest aspiring

18 Sep 2012

Singer-songwriter and SF State freshman Ryan Cassata imparts lessons of self-acceptance to transgender community

When Ryan Otto Cassata stands up with his guitar at Dolores Park Café, he seems like a normal 18-year-old. But there is something different about him. Cassata always felt a

12 Sep 2012

SF State student Carolyn Ho breathes new life into on-campus art gallery

One SF State student is bringing a creative space to life and bridging the gap between artists and fans as they come together in their love for a common passion:

11 May 2012

SF State student balances school and pregnancy as graduation draws near

Four months ago, Danielle Acierto took a test that did not require studying, and was shocked at the results. The 24-year-old sat alone in disbelief, scared and somewhat excited, when

09 May 2012

Miss Black California Brijet Finister dispels stereotypes of pageantry

Growing up, Brijet Finister had been deemed too thin, too beautiful, too smart, or too successful, but never just right. Back then, this bothered her immensely, but during her college career

04 Apr 2012

SF State student Mya Whitaker overcomes grief through competitive debate

  Mya Whitaker was getting ready to begin her second semester at SF State in January 2010 when she heard the news that one of her closest friends had been

03 Apr 2012

SF State student Joe Riley got his heart broken and then got published

Authors aren’t known for being the most holy or sober people. And SF State student Joe Riley, 23, fits right in. He’s not the greatest student, but Riley’s shaping up

28 Mar 2012

Visually impaired cartoonist and SF State student aspires to be published

Patrick Ward makes himself comfortable on a bench in Cafe Rosso’s popular patio area, hunched merely 6 inches away from his sketchpad and intent on drawing his next cartoon masterpiece

07 Mar 2012

SF State student Chaz Kelley to compete in oratory championship

While often confused with the work done by magnifying glass-wielding scientists, forensics has a history that extends to the debates ancient Greece, and has evolved into nationwide competitions where some

07 Mar 2012

ASI hopeful that more SF State students will vote in next week's elections

While the SF State campus community consistently participates in statewide politics, its engagement  in a democratic process much closer to home goes largely unnoticed by the student population. Despite Associated

29 Feb 2012

SF State students and faculty share their stories for Day of Action

Frederico Villalobos Walter Parenteau Joe Kloythanomsup Kim Geron Rachel Stower Lauren Stower Sheila Tully Sadaf Malik Siraj Shabber Jocelyn Palenco Ann Robertson James Quesada Evelyn Mendoza Salma Elshakre Zachariah Barghouti

31 Jan 2012

SF State alumnus dies in roadside car accident

Garret Davis, beloved father, devoted police officer and SF State alum, died tragically Jan. 21 when his patrol car was rear-ended and burst into flames, according to the Honolulu Police

24 Jan 2012

SF State student Amanda Gomez wins big on "Fear Factor"

Strapped to a flying helicopter while plunging into a burst of explosions, diving into motor oil sludge, eating live scorpions and being chained in front of a cement truck while