Painting by Damon Lee Johnson "Shuja" an artist featured at the exhibition at SF State in the art gallery showing of The Rose That Grew From Concrete art exhibit at The Art Gallery in the Cesar Chavez Student Center had art on display of art works from individuals who are formally presently incarcerated.
17 Oct 2014

Campus art gallery partners with Project Rebound to share prisoners’ work

An intimate group, comprised of formerly incarcerated individuals, art gallery employees and a couple of SF State students, gathered on campus to discuss racial disparities and unjust treatment in the

SF State students Ethan Fry (left) and Kyle Merryman (right) perform William Shakespeare's "As You Like It" during the 2nd annual Opening Day Festival hosted by the College of Liberal & Creative arts Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. Annastashia Goolsby / Xpress.
28 Sep 2014

College of Liberal and Creative Arts open their doors for student showcase.

The second annual College of Liberal and Creative Arts Opening Day gave students a reason to brag about their work Sunday afternoon in a festival full of talent and creativity.

Alcatraz visitors observe Ai Weiwei's “Trace”, an art installation of over 175 portraits made entirely of LEGO, each face depicting a subject of political detainment, Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014.
27 Sep 2014

Famous Chinese artist’s latest exhibition on Alcatraz Island explores freedom and restraint

Art and activism collide on Alcatraz Island in Ai Weiwei, a Chinese contemporary artist’s latest exhibition—an exploration of freedom and restraint. Once a confinement for the nation’s most notorious criminals, the

Despite a meticulous transport, SF State alumna Shenny Cruces untangles knots in her "Keys" installation during a reception in the Alumni Hall Art Gallery Friday, Sept. 19. The exhibit will remain on display in the Administration Building until January 5, 2015.
20 Sep 2014

‘Keys’ exhibition in the Administration Building paints the University as an open door for all

After searching through china cabinets and junk stores, artist and alumna Shenny Cruces alters porcelain items, turning them into sculpture to expose the meaning of objects in our lives. Cruces

08 Sep 2014

Lecture series remembers innovative work of arts and technology professor Stephen Wilson

For over 27 years Stephen Wilson taught conceptual/information arts at SF State. Now, three years after his death, the department he worked in is presenting a new lecture series dedicated

Patrons at the first Friday Night Market in the United Nations Plaza.
08 Sep 2014

Friday Night Market gives residents a new way to welcome in the weekend

The sound of indie rock music and mouthwatering scents from multiple food vendors filled the air as hundreds gathered in the United Nations Plaza in preparation for a new twist

Assosciate Professor Matthew Lipps poses for a portrait with one of his works, a C-print (Chromogenic Print) entitled "Art" (2013), in the Fine Arts Gallery at SFSU on Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014.
07 Sep 2014

Assistant professor’s exhibit connects photography and peoples’ perceptions of art

After two years of exploring the different meanings that could be found in his work, Assistant Professor Matthew Lipps combines art and photography to create HORIZON/S, which can be seen

Leslie Bock shaves strips of clay to for her continuous master thesis piece on Saturday, May 10. Her current inspiration is the landscape she passes on I-280 as she drives up from her home in San Jose. Photo by Lorisa Salvatin / Xpress
18 May 2014

A clay exhibit that took ‘1350 Hours, conservatively’ is featured in the Fine Arts Gallery

Not many artists are able to push beyond the boundaries as Leslie Bock does. She molds, weaves and sculpts basic art materials into something beyond what most art fanatics will

16 May 2014

VIDEO: “Lost and Found”

[HTML1] Many of us living in the Bay Area have a peaceful stroll along the beach, but few of us have done it with such purpose. Brenton Bostwick, an artist

07 May 2014

‘Movement in Paper’ exhibit shares the simplicity in origami with students

Living in a modern world students have so much more at their fingertips that without thinking they can transform a simple sheet of paper into a three dimensional origami art

Hip-hop artist Jean Grae Workshop class answers questions in room HSS 135 at SF State Wednesday, April 23.
26 Apr 2014

Panel talks on educating students through contemporary hip-hop

Students might expect a hip-hop class to focus on top 40s, but SF State’s hip-hop course went underground with a special lecture on hip-hop that included satire, interdisciplinary art, education

21 Apr 2014

‘Sweet Ride’ exhibit urges students to bike to campus

Dodging in and out of a crowded 19th Avenue can be a terrifying experience for a bicyclist. There are buses, trains, cars flipping U-turns and college kids and high schoolers

Dante Moreci taking a picture of the wall of selfies at the Art Gallery at SF State on the opening night of the "SELFIE" exhibit Thursday, April 3. Photo by Jenny Sokolova / Xpress
07 Apr 2014

Selfie pop-up exhibit makes students a part of the gallery

The selfie pop-up exhibit was a unique and fun experience for students and faculty to pop in and view this new trend that has taken on self-expression and art for

18 Mar 2014

‘Troubling Borders’ anthology shares stories of Asian American women through art, literature

Stillness in the air cast a gloomy scene, as Christilily Chiv shared heartbreaking and painful words of her family’s life before coming to America. A small gathering of students sat patiently, listening

12 Mar 2014

Textile artist creates artwork from garbage

Hands are a textile crafter’s most important tool. With each grab, flick and pull, even the slightest flaw could put his work in the trash. His hands are what make

Progressive Proof
26 Feb 2014

“Progressive Proof” printmaking exhibit is art made entirely of paper

[set_id=72157641542988655] Looking at the art pieces at the Progressive Proof’s opening reception, you wouldn’t believe they were made out of paper. Curator and Assistant Professor Susan Belau put on the

Greg Tate, a writer and musician, answers a students question on the state of hip-hop at an event held by the Africana Studies department, on black arts and Afrofuturism, in SF State's Ethnic Studies and Psychology building, Monday, Feb. 17th, 2014. Photo by Gavin McIntyre / Xpress
21 Feb 2014

African-American journalist Greg Tate speaks on Afrofuturism

In celebration of Black History Month, SF State’s College of Ethnic Studies featured Greg Tate, an African-American journalist and musician, as a speaker to 65 students and five faculty members

Senior art history major Mary Slinkert (left) and Maricelle Gonzales, senior studio art major (right), assemble letters to form phrases which will be placed on the floor as part of an exhibit in the Printmaking Show in the Fine Arts Building Room 238 Friday, Feb. 7. Slinkert and Gonzales are students in the Exhibition Design class responsible for displaying the works. Photo by Tony Santos / Xpress
11 Feb 2014

Female-focused printmaking exhibit to open on campus

Senior art history major Mary Slinkert (left) and Maricelle Gonzales, senior studio art major (right), assemble letters to form phrases which will be placed on the floor as part of

09 Feb 2014

Art collection reception features discussion with former Black Panther Party Chairman

[set_id=72157640648657035] The Cesar Chavez Student Center’s Art Gallery held a reception for “Black Power, Flower Power” Thursday, Jan. 6. The exhibit held Black Panther Party and Haight-Asbury photo collections from

01 Feb 2014

Black Panther Party and Haight-Ashbury photo collections show 1960s civil rights movement at campus art gallery

[set_id=72157640398735734] The Cesar Chavez Student Center’s Art Gallery’s latest exhibit shows how peace, love and some revolutionary vibes shaped the 1960s civil rights movement in the Bay Area and at

29 Jan 2014

Seaweed exhibit previews artist alum’s upcoming book

[HTML1] The beauty of nature is on vivid display in the main lobby of the Administration Building this semester in the form of three large images of seaweed. Josie Iselin,

Art Exhibit
03 Dec 2013

New art exhibit displays ’60s student protests at SF State

[set_id=72157638336845403] It’s been 45 years since the longest campus strike in U.S. History took place at SF State and to this day it remains an honored, historical University event. Monday,

01 Oct 2013

Local artist lectures for art students in graduate seminar

[HTML1] San Francisco artist, Jason Jägel, lectured for students on his work as part of professor Lewis deSoto’s graduate seminar class last Thursday. Being the compulsive doodler that he is,

Illuminated Library
24 Sep 2013

Illuminated Library exhibits art made from literature

A three-dimensional map of Moscow, constructed of burnt pieces of literature and poems, is framed and mounted on a wall in the Fine Arts Gallery located in the Fine Arts

18 Sep 2013

Glass art program’s end spurs rally

SF State’s College of Extended Learning glass blowing class, created in 1972, is the third oldest continuous glass program in the US. Three weeks ago,College of Liberal and Creative Arts

17 Sep 2013

Library hosts Cesar Chavez photo exhibit

The J. Paul Leonard Library at SF State frames the life of Cesar Chavez and the members of the United Farm Workers with an exhibit on the fourth floor that

17 Sep 2013

Newly tenured art professor sculpts with Spam

New art professor at SF State Michael Arcega exhibits his most recent work on a projected screen. Displayed is a world map molded together with pieces of canned ham once

17 May 2013

SF State professor hones novelty art in glass blowing

[set_id=72157633497920050] After graduating art school, Nathan Watson has managed to stay busy and keep his creative endeavors going at full force. With a master’s in fine arts and bachelor’s in

15 May 2013

Cannes Festival showcases SF State film graduate’s work

While waiting to learn if he was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival, Joey Izzo received an unexpected email from the festival requesting more information. Having submitted his short film for

09 May 2013

Diatribe advances legacy of female artists

Establishing an artistic medium for creative output is of utmost importance to artists. For Diatribe, a group composed of local female artists, they have found theirs. “Technically, Diatribe means a

07 May 2013

Korean American artist sculpts dual identity

A young man in clay-smudged jeans sits on a stool, steps on a pedal and molds a heap of clay with quiet finesse. The wheel spins the now curvy tower

18 Apr 2013

MFA Thesis Exhibition spotlights students' unique art

The professor sits in front of his art students and discusses the status of their upcoming exhibition. As soon as he dismisses them from their meeting they disperse into sections

10 Apr 2013

UpCycling exhibition displays waste transformed into art

Tablecloths as dresses, wire hangers as a lighting fixture and leftover scraps of lumber used to build a stool may look like ordinary do-it-yourself projects, but together they make up

02 Apr 2013

SF State alum forges innovative art form

What may appear to be junk or random items can be the inspiration to a new art mechanism for artist Doron Fishman. Fishman, 43, has made a career for himself

19 Mar 2013

The Bay Bridge becomes canvas for massive light sculpture

Billed as the largest light sculpture in the world, The Bay Lights officially illuminated over the San Francisco Bay two weeks ago, bringing a bright new addition to the city’s

14 Mar 2013

SF State showcases Asian inspired gallery, 'The Moment for Ink'

Lucy Arai, 57, became enthralled with ink art while she was experimenting with her calligraphy brushes, sumi ink and handmade paper. Now she sees ink as a medium of art