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Character Designs, Digital Illustration and Concept artist Priya Thaker enjoys creating vivid visual pieces outside the classroom during her time at SF State as a MA, Graphic Design student.

School budget cuts put the arts at risk

Pamela Estrada and Cierra Quintana March 3, 2020

The Trump administration has decreased the Department of Education funding by $5.6 billion or 7.8% in the fiscal year 2021 budget. As the shortage in budget trickles down schools will begin to make department...

CSU presidents receive pay increases despite budget cuts

Brittney Barsotti March 28, 2012

Yet again, the Board of Trustees has authorized more executive pay increases in the same year as they approved a tuition increase. Last Wednesday, while students and faculty at SF State were on Spring...

Students sit-in at administration building in protest of budget cuts

Audrey Arthur April 13, 2011

More than 60 students are currently gathered at the administration building demanding a dialogue with vice president for University Advancement Robert Nava regarding budget cuts to higher education. Nava...

CSU Board of Trustees discuss looming budget cuts

Megan Taros March 23, 2011

The California State University system's Board of Trustees met yesterday to discuss the best course of action in coping with a potential $1 billion cut to its budget for the 2011-12 academic year. In...

Community leaders blame budget cuts for rise in Mission violence

Noemy Mena March 6, 2011

Two San Francisco supervisors and several community leaders gathered for an emergency meeting March 3 in response to a recent increase in gang violence in the Mission District. In the five days between...

Berkeley protesters rally against budget cuts

Xpress Staff March 3, 2011

Story by Al Scott Rain and wind could not keep more than 150 students, parents and teachers from protesting Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed $1.4 billion budget cuts to California’s public higher education...

Gators march to CCSF in protest of budget cuts

Spencer Devine March 2, 2011

The Postman will carry his mail through sleet and snow, rain and hail, to get it to it’s destination, but mailmen have nothing on agitated college students protesting massive budget cuts. A group...

Budget cuts run deep for SF students

Spencer Devine March 8, 2011

David Quintana is not an overly anxious man, but even he worries about the future of his education. In the face of impending and threatening budget cuts, he attempts to maintain a calm and cool demeanor...

SF State President Lynn Mahoney speaks on reasoning for $9 million worth of CARES Act funding on student housing. (Siobhan Eagen / Golden Gate Xpress)

Layoff conversations begin as SF State attempts to navigate a strained budget

Siobhan Eagen, Contributing Staff July 14, 2020

Faculty layoffs and lecture downsizes are on the horizon according to a faculty wide email sent out by SF State President Lynn Mahoney on behalf of Associate Vice President of Human Resources Ingrid Williams...

SFPD unveils $747 million budget plan for 2020

SFPD unveils $747 million budget plan for 2020

Cierra Quintana, Staff reporter July 8, 2020

In a virtual hearing held on Wednesday, the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) presented its proposed $747 million budget to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Budget and Appropriations Committee...

A classroom sits unoccupied during the last week of classes at SF
State in San Francisco, California. (Emily Curiel / Golden Gate Xpress)

1,000 SF State faculty sign petition protesting job cuts

David Sjostedt, Editor-in-Chief May 27, 2020

The California Faculty Association (CFA) gathered 1,000 signatures from SF State faculty members who came together to protest job cuts. “What started our petition is that we started getting reports...

Graphic from The World Flag via Wikimedia Commons.

International Relations cuts classes in effort to maintain full enrollment

Sebastiaan Molloy March 18, 2019

Dwindling enrollment in the International Relations department led the college of Creative and Liberal Arts to require the IR department to cut sections of a capstone class this summer in an effort to...

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