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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Campus: Palestinian Student Experiences

A mural of the late writer, academic and human rights activist Edward Said is featured above the entrance of the SF State bookstore. The mural was completed in 2007, after almost three years of objections and an eventual redesign, joining multiple murals on campus that display students’ backgrounds and leaders like Malcolm X and Cesar Chavez. (Paisley Trent / Golden Gate Xpress)
This article is part of a series that seeks to explain and examine aspects of how issues around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impact students, faculty, the university administration and academic programs. It is the work of over 80 interviews and numerous conversations that took place over a year. Taken together, these articles are meant to provide an overview of certain aspects of these tensions on SF State’s campus — and are not comprehensive. 
December 1, 2020

Hundreds of people walked past or under the mural portraying Edward Said while heading to class or entering the bookstore. A second-year Palestinian student recalled looking at the Edward Said Mural...

Local artist uses work to fight oppression at SF State art show

Chris “L7” Cuadrado poses for a portrait at the Art Gallery in the Caesar Chavez Student Center at SF State on Sept. 6, 2018. Cuadrado’s art is known for informing communities about resistance. Cuadrado’s art is in this picture is a message-based collage involving decolonization, oppression, and liberation through the act of resistance. (Evan Moses/Golden Gate Xpress)
September 8, 2018

Dressed in a blue printed button-down shirt with his shoulder-length hair gracing the top of his shoulders, Christian “L7” Cuadrado walked into the room with a small piece of sage poking out...

Graduating seniors display their artwork for the final time at SF State in a split exhibit

Students look at the art displayed at the ASI Art Gallery at SF State on April 27, 2017. (Tate Drucker/Xpress)
May 3, 2017

Art students and supporters bounced back and forth between the Associated Students, Inc. Art Gallery in the Cesar Chavez Student Center and the Martin Wong Gallery in the Fine Arts Building for the opening...

Shakin’ Systems: black artists challenge expectations in new exhibit

Michael Covington, 28, and girlfriend Vanessa, 24, admire the works of art Covington produced for the showing of
February 21, 2017

Associated Students Inc. held an opening reception for the Black Mail Collectives’ art show “Shakin’ Systems” in the Cesar Chavez Student Center Thursday evening, featuring black artists. The...

Temporary studio space offered in ASI art gallery

February 8, 2017

Walls that are usually home to hanging art pieces were temporarily bare, with only a large wooden studio desk and an unarranged photography backdrop taking up the open space at SF State’s Associated...

New art exhibit commemorates resistance of Filipino people

SF State alumna Mona Marcos poses with a piece from the upcoming
February 3, 2016

The resiliency of the Filipino people will be celebrated in the Associated Students’ Art Gallery during a new exhibit in honor of the 30th anniversary month of the People Power Revolution of the Philippines....

Graffiti artists fight for expression in the public domain

Muralist David Hyde poses for a portrait in front of of his mural Asian Pacific islanders “infinite tree of life” on the side of the Cesar Chavez building at SF State Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015. (Angelica Williams / Xpress)
November 17, 2015

On the north side of 19th and Holloway avenues, several large graffiti pieces were buffed off of the stone wall, leaving behind blurry streaks of blue spray paint. Just across the street, two more...

Gallery to sweep away art lovers with ocean atmosphere

A pirate ship sits in the middle of the room while Emily Vanags, an Art History Major, prepares the Hydrarchy Gallery on Tuesday Feb. 17. (Marlene Sanchez / Xpress)
February 19, 2015

Sitting in a black room under a prismatic blue spotlight, surrounded by the sounds of the sea, art graduate student Anthony Wilson was swept up by the oceanic magic of the artwork that will be unveiled under...

Art exhibit humanizes gentrification in the Bay Area

A poster advertising the
February 9, 2015

Associated Students is now featuring Gentrification: Displacement, Eviction, and the San Francisco Housing Crisis, an art exhibit that will be displayed free in the ASI Art Gallery in the Cesar Chavez...

Campus art gallery partners with Project Rebound to share prisoners’ work

Painting by Damon Lee Johnson
October 17, 2014

An intimate group, comprised of formerly incarcerated individuals, art gallery employees and a couple of SF State students, gathered on campus to discuss racial disparities and unjust treatment in the...

Art galleries on campus welcome students to express themselves

An art piece symbolizing gentrification in the bay area at the
August 31, 2014

On a campus strewn with art on lawns, in trees and even in the form of crocheted bikes, many SF State students are still unaware of the three art galleries available to view, free of charge. Liza Boozer,...

‘Movement in Paper’ exhibit shares the simplicity in origami with students

May 7, 2014

Living in a modern world students have so much more at their fingertips that without thinking they can transform a simple sheet of paper into a three dimensional origami art work that has been an age old...

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