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Fine Arts Gallery presents 31st annual Stillwell student exhibition

Fine Arts Gallery presents 31st annual Stillwell student exhibition

Sarah Niderost December 4, 2018

The College of Liberal and Creative Arts will present the 31st Annual Stillwell Student Exhibition in the Fine Arts Gallery from Tuesday, Dec. 4 to Thursday, Dec. 13. This exhibit will feature undergraduate...

An art history major Alexa Weiss, (left), and Woong Lee, (right), a history major, look at some of the Unity Queer Skateboards artwork during the SF StateÕs Fine Arts exhibition ÒAll Together Now,Ó in the Fine Arts Gallery Room 238, on Saturday, Sept. 22. (Evan Moses/ Golden Gate Xpress)

“All Together Now” celebrates community and collaboration in Fine Arts Gallery

Sarah Niderost September 26, 2018

Artists and members of the public and the SF State art community gathered at the “All Together Now” art exhibition’s debut in the Fine Arts Gallery on Saturday, Sept. 22, where they celebrated community. The...

Nanami Gibo (left) and Alyssa Ybarra hang artwork for the PLAY exhibition at SF States Fine Arts Gallery, Friday, Sept. 11, 2015.  The exhibition opens Saturday, Sept. 19. (Brian Churchwell / Xpress)

Fine arts gallery hosts California artists in PLAY

Kalani Ruidas September 15, 2015

The hands and minds of 17 California-based artists converged in a mixed-media show curated by the Fine Art Gallery. The gallery will present the artists' interpretation on the way recreation shapes...

Leslie Bock shaves strips of clay to for her continuous master thesis piece on Saturday, May 10. Her current inspiration is the landscape she passes on I-280 as she drives up from her home in San Jose. Photo by Lorisa Salvatin / Xpress

A clay exhibit that took ‘1350 Hours, conservatively’ is featured in the Fine Arts Gallery

Angelica Williams May 18, 2014

Not many artists are able to push beyond the boundaries as Leslie Bock does. She molds, weaves and sculpts basic art materials into something beyond what most art fanatics will initially recognize as “art”...

Character Designs, Digital Illustration and Concept artist Priya Thaker enjoys creating vivid visual pieces outside the classroom during her time at SF State as a MA, Graphic Design student.

School budget cuts put the arts at risk

Pamela Estrada and Cierra Quintana March 3, 2020

The Trump administration has decreased the Department of Education funding by $5.6 billion or 7.8% in the fiscal year 2021 budget. As the shortage in budget trickles down schools will begin to make department...

The Masters of Fine Art 2017

The Masters of Fine Art 2017

  After working vigorously hard on not just creating art pieces, but creating a thesis through their metamorphosing art pieces, for the past three years, SF State’s 2017 Masters of Fine Art opened...

Renae Moua registers an art piece, which is apart of the “Mashrabiya” gallery, for any damages on Friday Jan. 27, 2017. Every art piece must be noted as present, and checked for damages before going on display. (Roxanne Hernandez / Xpress)

Exhibition design class shows what it takes to make an art gallery

Roxanne Hernandez February 2, 2017

SF State’s Exhibition Design class, Art 619, is already working hard on the first art gallery of the semester “Mashrabiya: The Art of Looking Back,” which is set to open Feb. 18. Every Friday...

Billy X Jennings from the archive of Black Panther Party speaks to students and
faculty at the Revolution Times: Underground Press of the 60s and 70s at the Design Gallery on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016. The exhibition showcased the graphic design of the 1960s and 1970s radical newspapers. (Perng-chih Huang/Xpress)

Design Gallery displays collection of revolutionary newspapers

Mariana Raschke November 11, 2016

A series of evocative underground newspapers from the ‘60s and ‘70s were artistically arranged in the Design Gallery of SF State’s Fine Arts Building room, a collection shared by Black Panther...

Director of the new Design Gallery, Joshua Singer stands in the doorway of the  exhibition space to be completed this Spring in the Fine Arts building. (Taylor Reyes / Xpress)

Design gallery expects to offer innovative exhibitions

Emily Chavous February 23, 2016

SF State began construction on a 2,000-square-foot design gallery over winter break on the lower level of the Fine Arts Building. The gallery, set to open Fall 2016, is part of a larger project that...

A pirate ship sits in the middle of the room while Emily Vanags, an Art History Major, prepares the Hydrarchy Gallery on Tuesday Feb. 17. (Marlene Sanchez / Xpress)

Gallery to sweep away art lovers with ocean atmosphere

Kalani Ruidas February 19, 2015

Sitting in a black room under a prismatic blue spotlight, surrounded by the sounds of the sea, art graduate student Anthony Wilson was swept up by the oceanic magic of the artwork that will be unveiled under...

SF State showcases Asian inspired gallery, 'The Moment for Ink'

Lovelie Faustino March 14, 2013

Lucy Arai, 57, became enthralled with ink art while she was experimenting with her calligraphy brushes, sumi ink and handmade paper. Now she sees ink as a medium of art that tells the story of a movement...

SF State student Carolyn Ho breathes new life into on-campus art gallery

Michele Bird September 12, 2012

One SF State student is bringing a creative space to life and bridging the gap between artists and fans as they come together in their love for a common passion: art. Within the Cesar Chavez Student...

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