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Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station is one of many other locations that display posters of the Not One More Girl campaign as it advertises BART’s first sexual harassment prevention program. (Samantha Laurey / Golden Gate Xpress)

BART partners with community organizations to tackle sexual harassment

Elizabeth Freeman, Staff Reporter May 3, 2021

In response to Sexual Assault Awareness Month, BART launched its first campaign specifically addressing sexual assault and harassment on public transit for girls and gender expansive youth.  The campaign,...

Donovan Devine, 20,  dances at the queer homecoming Saturday at Jack Adams hall in the Cesar Chavez building. (Photo by James Wyatt / Golden Gate Xpress)

Queer Homecoming dances the night away

MJ Johnson December 10, 2019

In high school, we dream about the perfect night. Dates, flowing dresses and tuxedos, corsages, awkward hand holding in the back of a stretch limo, photo memories of teenage cringiness, all on a night...

Queer People of Color campus group returns to SF State

Queer People of Color campus group returns to SF State

Lance Tisuela September 3, 2018

A defunct SF State advocacy group that was influential for shedding light on issues affecting queer people of color back in its day is about to be revived. The campus organization Queer People of Color...

Queer Alliance works to recover from embezzlement

Julia Custodio October 19, 2016

SF State’s Queer Alliance is attempting to re-register their club status for spring 2017 after a two semester long absence due to embezzlement of funds by a former member, said Queer Alliance Director...

SF State students still waiting for ASI-proposed Queer Resource Center

Kirstie Haruta September 18, 2012

Amiable chatter between friends gave way to tension when a small portion of SF State’s queer community met with two Associated Students, Inc. representatives to discuss the status of the Queer Resource...

SF State LGBT community looks to unify at Queer Yo Mind conference

Ruby Perez October 11, 2011

Although the rainbow is a symbol of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community’s unity, the colors within it are still very much separated. SF State will host its first Queer Yo’ Mind conference...

Coming face-to-face with masturbation

SF State’s Education and Referral Organization for Sexuality, EROS, hosted an event that discussed the stigmas and health benefits that surrounded the subject of masturbation. The act of mastubation...

San Francisco LGBT community spotlights injustice

Ana Preza March 23, 2012

Imagine living in a country where being gay is considered a crime. A place where people feel restrained from expressing their sexual orientation, are persecuted and always fear the day they may be imprisoned,...

SF State to host first Pride Prom on Friday

Eric Green February 8, 2011

With gowns and tuxedos, corsages and silk ties, come Friday SF State students will have their day as royalty. Thanks to the Queer Alliance Organization, the Pride Committee and the University LGBT Club,...

Snakes, representing Irish pagans, wrap around a Celtic cross to show the interconnectedness of Irish pagans, Christianity and St. Patrick’s Day. The shamrock is said to have been used by Saint Patrick as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity when converting pagans. (Illustration by Lea Loeb / Golden Gate Xpress)

St. Patrick’s Day, in the perspective of the ‘snakes’

Olivia Wynkoop, Managing Editor March 18, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day: a day for Americans to revel in stereotypical Irish culture; whether that’s raising a pint, setting up leprechaun traps or wearing green to prevent from being pinched. Though...

Protest Trans Military Ban, White House, Washington, DC USA

Legal definition exclusionary Transgender; students react to Trump’s failed promise to protect individuals

Eliza Flynn December 18, 2018

On Oct. 21 the New York Times broke a story about a Department of Health and Human Services memo indicating the Trump administration was seeking to exclude transgender people in a new legal definition...

Transgender Visibility: A Work in Progress

Transgender Visibility: A Work in Progress

Monserrath Arreola March 31, 2018

The spirit of the first-ever recorded act of collective queer resistance to social oppression and police harassment in the U.S. occurred took place in the Tenderloin District in August 1966 and was embodied...

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