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Faux Foe Fox perform during the battle of the bands contest in The Depot at SF State on Tuesday April 12, 2016. (Ryan Zaragoza / Xpress).

Math rock band opens for Kehlani at Rhythms Music festival

Associated Students, Inc. hosted the sixth annual Rhythms Music festival featuring Kehlani, Moxie and the winner of the battle of the bands competition, Faux Foe Fox. Three events led up to Kehlani...

A group of SF State students pose for the camera at the front of the line for the G-EAZY concert at the Annex the evening of Fri. April 10. The show was the last hit of a weeklong celebration for SF States annual Rhythms Music Festival. (Kate Fraser / Xpress)

Rhythms Music Festival brings familiar faces and new Bay Area talent

Kalani Ruidas April 14, 2015

Under the vaulted ceiling of the Annex, a congregation of approximately 1,120 students ceremoniously raised their camera phones as rapper G-Eazy emerged from a veil of smoke into a single spotlight....

Costly Rhythms Music Festival attracts low student turnout

Jonathan Ramos May 7, 2013

[set_id=72157633444991328] With a headliner as prominent as Big Boi, of the Grammy award-winning hip-hop duo OutKast, and a price tag of $30,000, one might expect Thursday night’s Rhythms Music Festival...

VIDEO: An interview with Grieves and Budo at the Rhythms Music Festival at SF State

Hunter Mulich May 1, 2012

They don’t always work together, but the combination is working out nicely. Grieves is a quick-spitting storyteller, while Budo paints a soundscape with an array of beats and instruments. They're both...

ASI organizes Rhythms Music Festival despite venue, cost challenges

Barbara Szabo April 26, 2012

This time last year, the Annex served as a temporary library while the current one was under construction. But Thursday and Friday, April 26 and 27, a stage will take the place of desks, instruments will...

Rhythms Music Festival schedule

Hunter Mulich April 25, 2012

Thursday, April 26 1:00 p.m. – Team Backpack 1:55 – Talk of Shamans 2:35 - Bang Data 3:30 – Grieves and Budo 4:35 – So Timeless 5:30 - Battle of the Bands winner 6:20 - The Hood Internet 8:00...

ASI-sponsored Rhythms Music Festival kicks off tomorrow in the Annex

Devery Sheffer April 25, 2012

It all started as a joke three years ago. When one SF State student should have been studying, he instead made a Facebook group titled “If 15,000 people join this group then the campus will let us...

Utilizing the empty Annex for Rhythms Music Festival is a welcomed treat

Xpress Staff April 25, 2012

By spearheading the Rhythms Music Festival in the old Annex space, ASI has brought a refreshing dose of ingenuity to the campus. While the Annex has served faithfully as an interim space, this is definitely...

Rhythms Music Festival: More about the performers

Hunter Mulich April 22, 2012

Grieves and Budo This rapper and producer pair will be fresh off the plane from a European tour when they arrive to campus. They’re talented in separate ventures, but together they bring a blend of...

Kehlani to perform at SF State festival

Adrian Pintor April 11, 2016

SF State will host its sixth-annual "Rhythms Music Festival" – where students will get a thrilling insight to the music industry with one music symposium, two music competitions, a live concert featuring...

VIDEO: Dustin Musser of K Theory finds his niche in dubstep music

Kirstie Haruta May 3, 2012

Riding the wave of dubstep’s rising popularity, K Theory has found its niche in the Bay Area electronic scene. They frequent small clubs such as EPR, but found their way to the Annex at SF State. Dustin...

T-Pain perfroms on stage for the 8th Annual Rhythms Music festival at the Annex in SF State on Saturday April 14th, in San Francisco, Cali. 
(Diego Aguilar/Golden Gate Xpress)

T-Pain comes to SF State

Jessica Delatorre April 16, 2018

Blue and yellow lights lit SF State’s Annex venue. Anticipated fans cheered in the crowd as T-Pain jumped on stage for the 8th Annual Music Festival hosted by Associated Students Inc. on Saturday night. The...

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