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Life in SF State housing amid mass evacuation

Juan Carlos Lara and Jocelyn Hernandez Gomez March 21, 2020

Unknown individuals vandalized a study lounge within an SF State dormitory. Videos of the vandalism circulated social media on the same day that President Lynn Mahoney announced the suspension of face-to-face...

Dorm Cuts Barber, Arvin Del Socorro, pulls the comb through SF State student Ahmed Abdelhalims hair during a barber session in his dorm in the Towers at San Francisco State Saturday (Angelica Ekeke / Xpress)

Dormcuts buzz into SF State housing

Angelica Ekeke and James Chan December 4, 2015

SF State student Randy Tovar, co-founder of Dormcuts, talks about how he turned a small idea into a buzzing business. Read the full story: Line-ups without lines: Barbers open up shop in dorm rooms

​Interactive: ​map of SF State housing

​Interactive: ​map of SF State housing

Lulu Orozco and Harlan Frost October 15, 2015

The Golden Gate ​Xpress took a look at the number of SF State housing on campus available to students and faculty. Read the full story: Crammed In: The city's housing crisis looms over SF State  EXPLORE...

A student walks by West Campus Green at SF State on Aug. 29. SF State announced that the field will be the site of a new on-campus residential community in 2024. (Juliana Yamada / Golden Gate Xpress)

SF State dorm development met with criticism from upperclassmen who face housing insecurity

Alexis Alexander, Staff Reporter September 6, 2022

SF State announced its 2024 West Campus Green Project, a multi-purpose residential community for first-time freshmen, via Instagram on July 14. The on-campus residence will provide 750 beds for a one time...

Victor Javier Aguilar prepares scrambled eggs for breakfast in Manzanita Squareroom on the SF State campus on Sept. 22. (Jun Ueda / Golden Gate Xpress)

How COVID-19 changed SF State’s housing strategy

Andres Velasquez October 13, 2020

With most classes transitioned to remote instruction, University Housing is housing 363 students for the Fall 2020 semester, as opposed to what is commonly 4,300 to 4,500 students. According to University...

Full interview with SF State President Mahoney about graduation, refunds and student housing

Full interview with SF State President Mahoney about graduation, refunds and student housing

Juan Carlos Lara April 20, 2020 Over the last month SF State has seen drastic change, including the cancellation of face-to-face classes for Spring semester along with most on-campus...

SF State’s Housing Insecurity on a Rise

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas January 28, 2020

SF State Housing insecurity by Kerasa Tsokas “Struggling students” is no longer a phrase used to describe students that have difficulty learning in class. It now refers to a widespread situation...

A house sits in District 7 where a small portion of affordable housing was constructed near SF State in the last decade on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. (Travis Wesley/Golden Gate Xpress)

New housing rare, no-fault evictions common near SF State

Garrett Bergthold September 20, 2017

Finding a place to live near SF State is as tough as the 49ers finding a win – it’s rough out there. It’s time consuming, awkward and stressful. Craigslist is hit or miss. Open houses often...

International students at SF State have a tough time finding housing compared to those who leave to study abroad

Ida Mojadad August 26, 2014

While students who head to foreign cities find themselves with wider housing options than available in San Francisco, international students who entered the university in Fall 2014 are in stiff competition...

Lack of on-campus housing perpetuates SF State's commuter campus label

Xpress Staff October 25, 2012

College is a time when kids who have lived their entire lives under their parent’s roof get to finally explore their independence. It’s a time when students get to reinvent themselves and exert their...

SF State University’s new Discord channel, which is moderated by students, originated on Reddit. Currently, the Gator Meetups Club Discord gets around 600 weekly visitors and about 200 communicators. (Joshua Carter / Golden Gate Xpress)

A student-led initiative draws SF State students together digitally

Luis Cortes, Staff Reporter September 28, 2022

The school year has just begun and a student sees someone drop a Discord link in the comment section during a Zoom class. Some students think the channel they joined is affiliated with the university,...

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