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Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) announces a new housing reform bill, SB-886, at Manzanita Plaza at SF State, with many students of different campuses behind him on Feb. 22. The bill would streamline the construction of affordable housing for colleges in California.  (Abraham Fuentes / Golden Gate Xpress)

Senator Wiener introduces bill to streamline campus housing

Anaïs-Ophelia Lino, City Editor February 22, 2022

State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) announced a bill on Tuesday at SF State that would streamline housing developments across California college campuses.  This bill, tailored for public university...

Wiener’s SB-827 Bill Meets Local Opposition

Darrin Baluyot April 25, 2018

Senator Scott Wiener has introduced a contested bill that if passed will overrule local zoning controls on height, density and design standards on housing complexes near transit-rich urban areas. SB-827...

Supervisor Wiener's nudity ban would strip San Francisco's culture

Noemy Mena October 19, 2012

From Bay to Breakers to Folsom Street Fair and SF Pride Parade, people flock to the city to see what San Francisco’s culture is about. It’s fairly safe to say there’s nothing like an SF party once...

State Senate Majority Leader Mike McGuire’s (D-North Coast) upcoming bill would divest public state funds, largely from CalPERS and CalSTERS, from Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine (Karina Patel/Golden Gate Xpress)

California lawmakers call for state divestment from Russia

Chris Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief February 28, 2022

State Senate Majority Leader Mike McGuire (D-North Coast) announced Monday an upcoming bill that would divest public state funds from Russia. The bipartisan bill would divest funding from state agencies...

The George and Judy Marcus Hall for the Creative and Liberal Arts at SF State on Oct. 6, 2021. Marcus Hall, which will house the BECA department, was inaugurated on Tuesday. (Albert Serna Jr./ Golden Gate Xpress)

SF State inaugurates new building for BECA department

Marlyn Sanchez Nol October 6, 2021

SF State’s George and Judy Marcus Hall for the Creative and Liberal Arts was inaugurated Tuesday with a ceremony, after the completion of the building's construction in early 2021. The building makes...

The Sunrise Movement is a branching political movement aimed at stopping climate change and creating well-paying green jobs in the process. (Batai / Creative Commons)

The Sunrise Movement: Made for Earth Day

Jess Magill April 22, 2021

On April 22, the day designated as Earth Day, Sunrise Bay Area’s Twitter feed was pushing out more content than usual.  The Bay Area’s chapter of the self-described Sunrise Movement to “stop...

Gator Talk Episode 3

Gator Talk Episode 3

Sebastian Mino-Bucheli and Chris Ramirez February 12, 2021

Welcome to Gator Talk, a collaborative CalState podcast that brings city and statewide perspectives to SF State news. In Gator Talk’s third episode, guest host Chris Ramirez talks with the President...

The Xpress 2020 California Ballot Measure Voting Guide (Con Traducción) (Sa Pagsasalin) (翻译)

The Xpress 2020 California Ballot Measure Voting Guide (Con Traducción) (Sa Pagsasalin) (翻译)

Californians will have the option to vote on 12 statewide ballot measures this November. A handful of these deal with longly contested topics, such as affirmative action and rent control. In order for...

The Xpress 2020年加州选票投票指南

The Xpress 2020年加州选票投票指南

Jian Yang October 16, 2020

加州人可以选择在11月对全州12项投票措施进行投票。 其中一些涉及长期争议的主题,例如平权行动和租金控制。 为了使一个提案能够在今年进行投票,选民签名基于提案上需要要求623,212的票是倡议法规,997,139票用于宪法修正案。...

Guía Sobre Medidas Electorales de California 2020 para Xpress

Guía Sobre Medidas Electorales de California 2020 para Xpress

Andres Velasquez and Yeily Mendez October 14, 2020

Los residentes de California tienen la opción de votar para 12 medidas electorales en el mes de noviembre. Algunas de las medidas se tratan de temas que han sido popularmente debatidos , como acción...

Ang Xpress 2020 Gabay Sa Botohan sa Panukalang Balota

Ang Xpress 2020 Gabay Sa Botohan sa Panukalang Balota

Marian Remoroza October 14, 2020

Ang mga Californians ay may pagkakataong bumoto sa 12 panukalang-batas ukol sa balota sa buong estado ngayong Nobyembre. Ang iba sa mga ito ay tungkol sa mga matagal nang pinagtatalunang mga paksa, katulad...

James Coleman, who is of Taiwanese descent, is a student at Harvard University with a concentration in human developmental and regenerative biology with government and a researcher of neuroscience at Massachusetts General Hospital. (Photo courtesy of Morgan McCarthy)

South San Francisco’s youngest and first openly LGBTQ+ candidate for city council

Paul Kelly October 1, 2020

The official city council campaign launch of 21-year-old James Coleman held the welcome surprise of being both soundtracked by John Lennon’s anthem “Power to the People” and being populated and voiced...

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