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CSU Police logo at the SF State University Police, September 2, 2015. (Brian Churchwell / Xpress)

Taser plan sparks mixed reaction

Renee Abu-Zaghibra and Avery Peterson September 16, 2015

Campus police must undergo 36 hours of training before the University provides them with Tasers, according to a Statewide University Police Association official. Campus police won't be allowed to...

Taser program standardization stretches statewide for CSU police

Erica Linker September 25, 2013

While campus police officers across California use pepper spray, guns, handcuffs and batons; SF State's University Police Department officials propose another tool be added to their utility belt — the...

CSUs prepare for no tuition increase in Fall 2013

Lindsay Oda February 1, 2013

The California State University system plans to keep tuition at its current rates for the Fall 2013 semester after Gov. Jerry Brown released a state budget proposal allocating an additional $125.1 million...

CSU Board of Trustees delays proposed fee votes

CSU Board of Trustees delays proposed fee votes

Ellie Loarca November 14, 2012

The California State University Board of Trustees has shelved the controversial fee vote which was set to take place Nov. 14 in the wake of the passage of Proposition 30. California State University...

CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed retires amid budget crisis

Alex Emslie August 29, 2012

Charles B. Reed led the CSU system through an era of cuts to the university’s state funding. In the past four years alone, Sacramento legislators have slashed more than $1 billion from the university...

CSU enrollment eligibility tightens for transfer students

Kirstie Haruta May 1, 2012

Transferring from a community college to a California State University once meant meeting the base requirement of 60 semester units. Now, applying with a specific associate degree will be the deciding...

CSU presidents receive pay increases despite budget cuts

Brittney Barsotti March 28, 2012

Yet again, the Board of Trustees has authorized more executive pay increases in the same year as they approved a tuition increase. Last Wednesday, while students and faculty at SF State were on Spring...

Administration failed to keep students informed in pivotal moment of presidential search

Xpress Staff February 21, 2012

SF State seems eager to find new ways to yet again fail to include students in the new presidential search. The University hosted the first and only public forum to discuss the selection of presidential...

New CA budget would increase GPA requirements for financial aid

Krissa Stanton February 13, 2012

Significant changes will be coming to financial aid and student loans next year including tougher GPA requirements and limited funding. The new 2012-2013 budget proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown aims to increase...

Search for new SF State president begins as Corrigan begins final semester

Sara Donchey January 24, 2012

SF State is preparing to undergo a major change it has not seen the likes of in 24 years. The University is officially looking for a new president. President Robert A. Corrigan announced in August 2011...

CSU budget cut by another $100 million

Sara Donchey December 13, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown announced that the California State University budget would be cut by an additional $100 million in a press conference earlier today. The new cut is a result of lower-than-projected California...

Search begins for new SF State president

Megan Taros September 2, 2011

With SF State President Robert A. Corrigan set to retire at the end of the academic year, the campus must now begin organizing what it wants from its new leader. The process begins with the chair of the...

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