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Lam Nguyen, 26, practices in Little Theater at SF State on Aug. 31, 2021. Him and his wife, Yasmine Nguyen, had to share their living room for performing, practicing and attending Zoom classes, which wasn’t suitable for them. (Sabita Shrestha/Golden Gate Xpress)

Back to the studio: dance and other art students reflect on their return to campus

Matthew Cardoza, Staff Reporter September 11, 2021

Lam Son and Yasmine Nguyen, a husband and wife duo both studying dance at SF State, said their return to campus brought back a sensation they had not felt in a while – soreness. After three semesters...

Sf State theatre arts extends annual One-Act Fringe Festival

Devery Sheffer April 9, 2012

Most playwriting students at SF State never get to see their creations come to life on stage with actors, design or sound. This is exactly why Roy Conboy, head of the playwriting program at SF State,...

SF State student and co-director of CockTales, Vincent Lam (left) sits with Nathan Barone for a portrait in a theater on campus on Tuesday, April 21.  Barone will perform a spoken word piece in the production CockTales. (Helen Tinna / Xpress)

CockTales promotes student discussion on gender through performance

Eva Barragan April 22, 2015

Before being diagnosed with the painful musculoskeletal condition Fibromyalgia halfway through his sophomore year of college, 24-year-old Nathan Barone associated being a man with his ability to play...

Fringe Goes Long offers diverse plays written by students

Hannah Mullins December 8, 2014

After months of practice, edits and rewrites, theater students will premiere student-written plays at their annual Fringe Goes Long event. Beginning three years ago, Fringe Goes Long was created as...

VIDEO: ‘In Hollow Time’ delivers dynamic cast and crew, shines spotlight on SF State original talent

VIDEO: ‘In Hollow Time’ delivers dynamic cast and crew, shines spotlight on SF State original talent

Anna Hecht April 16, 2014

[HTML1] Blue lights canvass the stage. The guitar strums. A woman sings slowly. A beat. Another slams poetic rhymes. They jive. They thrive. Off each other’s lines. Their lives. Then silence. Back to...

Theater students play 18th century actors

Theater students play 18th century actors

Ayesha Rizvi November 12, 2013

[set_id=72157637487741844] Theater students dressed in 18th century garb and periwigs stood in a hall of the Creative Arts Building as they prepared themselves for their most recent play, "The Stage...

Back to school shows to see in August and September

Lovelie Faustino August 26, 2013

Summer is coming to an end and it’s about that time to jump out of bed and chase down MUNI, crash that impacted class and wait in a winding line to purchase books. But it’s also time to get acclimated...

VIDEO: SF State student director revamps Greek classic, 'Eurydice'

Jonathan Ramos January 29, 2013

Ben Calabrese is captivated by the action unfolding on stage; two star-crossed lovers, one on a table and the other on a chair, lean in for a passionate kiss when suddenly the table slips out from underneath....

"Shotgun!" displays off-the-cuff student acts

Sean Reichhold October 29, 2012

Most college students understand the feelings associated with having to produce decent work under duress and intense time constraints, but believe it or not, a large group of student directors, writers...

99 Stock Productions to present "Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness" at SF State

Sean Reichhold September 4, 2012

As if the first couple weeks of school were not crazy enough, 99 Stock Productions is bringing their performance of "Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness" to SF State's Studio Theatre Sept. 7 and...

SF State’s retelling of ‘Othello’ kicks off theater arts season Aug. 30

Adrian Rodriguez August 25, 2012

[HTML1] For the people of Venice and Cyprus — the survivors at least — only a void existed. Civilization was abandoned and brutalized by a catastrophe capsizing everything familiar. In this post-apocalyptic...

"Trial of Lucullus" radio play reinterpreted by SF State theater department

"Trial of Lucullus" radio play reinterpreted by SF State theater department

Spencer Devine October 25, 2011

Radio brings many things to a modern world like irrelevant one-hit-wonders from the '90s, that dream doctor show at obsolete hours and ... the condemnation of Roman generals to Hades? Assistant professor...

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