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Faculty strike looms over April

Joey Reams February 8, 2016

The California Faculty Association announced the dates of a system-wide faculty strike on Monday at a press conference in Sacramento. Jennifer Eagan, the CFA president, said that the CFA board of...

Faculty strike continued throughout afternoon at CSUEB

Michelle Olson November 17, 2011

Members of the California Faculty Association from throughout Northern California gathered today at Cal State East Bay as part of a planned strike in protest of on-going contract disputes with the CSU...

Faculty strike is justified, pay increases long overdue

Michelle Olson October 11, 2011

The California Faculty Association decided last Wednesday to move forward with plans to strike. A final decision will be given later this month. We support the association's position. The CFA, which...

Although faculty members in the CSU work under a

SF State faculty participates in nationwide ‘Scholar Strike’

Joel Umanzor Jr., City Editor September 8, 2020

Members of the SF State faculty began participating in an online, two-day nationwide forum on Tuesday in an attempt to bring awareness to systemic injustices targeting people of color across the country. The...

CSU Faculty announce plans for potential strike

Moby Howeidy September 25, 2015

The California Faculty Association will vote next month on whether the organization will carry out a California State University system-wide strike in protest of stagnant faculty wages. The vote was...

VIDEO: Faculty and staff strike up lively competition at monthly bowling league

Heather Ito November 13, 2012

It requires a strong wrist, careful footing and precise aim to bombard a set of 10 blocks of maple wood with a 16-pound sphere to obtain a strike. Once a month, a group of SF State Gators gets together...

California Faculty Association moves closer to strike

Kelly Goff May 10, 2012

As pressure mounts for the California Faculty Association and the California State University to reach a contract agreement, about 30 faculty and students gathered Tuesday at 19th and Holloway avenues...

California Faculty Association announces rolling strikes

Kale Williams May 2, 2012

Members of the California Faculty Association gathered today in the quad at SF State to announce that they voted to authorize a series of rolling two-day strikes across the 23 campuses of the California...

California Faculty Association could strike again

Jennifer Terman March 14, 2012

Another backlash against budget cuts and sacrifices to the education system may hit campuses in the next several months if the California Faculty Association approves a strike in mid-April. CFA is currently...

VIDEO, PHOTOS: California Faculty Association strikes at Cal State East Bay

Krissa Stanton November 18, 2011

A one-day strike took place at Cal State East Bay yesterday by the California Faculty Association members as the result of ongoing pay disputes with the California State University system. Tense negotiations...

Faculty, students gathered at CSU East Bay for California Faculty Association strike

Krissa Stanton November 17, 2011

A few hundred faculty members and students gathered at Cal State East Bay today for a one-day strike approved by the California Faculty Association earlier this month. The strike stems from years of...

California Faculty Association to strike over contract dispute

Cailie Skelton November 8, 2011

Negotiations over the California Faculty Association's current contract, which is still in effect from 2007, is still in heavy bargaining stages between the faculty union and the California State University...

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