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Ranked choice voting a good opportunity for third-party candidates

Hunter Mulich October 30, 2011

The air of change has been as thick as tear gas lately, and San Francisco’s new ranked-choice voting system is a chance to expand upon that. With voters picking their top three candidates, the system...

Ranked-choice voting could be eliminated by new measure on November ballot

Ana Preza March 28, 2012

It seems that top three lists are successful in ranking movies and tourist destinations, but not so much in elections. A measure to eliminate ranked-choice voting will be given to constituents on the...

Ranked-choice voting tips

Cassie Becker October 31, 2011

In the ranked-choice voting system for San Francisco mayor, sheriff and district attorney, voters have the option of ranking their top three choices for each position. All choices appear in three columns...

Ranked-Choice voting explained: voters given second, third choices

Cassie Becker October 29, 2011

With 16 candidates on the ballot in this year's mayoral election, it can be hard to pick one candidate, let alone three. San Francisco is asking voters to do just that in this year’s mayoral election...

Voting system questioned in wake of close election

Nick Madden November 13, 2016

Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election but millions of people aren’t ready to throw in the towel and accept that fact just yet. Many are demanding changes to be made through anti-Trump demonstrations...

Preliminary winners chosen in San Francisco election

Cassie Becker November 9, 2011

Sixteen mayoral candidates have finally been narrowed down and current Interim Mayor Ed Lee is projected to be the first Chinese-American mayor of San Francisco with 31.38 percent of first-choice votes...

Prop C motivates students to vote on campus

Briana Battle, Art Director November 12, 2019

Census data shows young adults are notorious for low voter turnout, but despite this trend, SF State students still came out to the on-campus polling place at Towers to cast their vote Nov. 5 for the...

SF District Attorney candidates answer questions from formerly incarcerated students at SF State forum before November election

MJ Johnson October 2, 2019

Tears filled Elisabeth Ocampo’s eyes and her voice began to quiver, but she persisted in her question to three seasoned lawyers currently running for district attorney in San Francisco.  Ocampo,...

FX Crowley leads District 7 race after 'formatting error' is fixed

Cristina Ramos November 7, 2012

Ranked-choice voting made it a tight race for the District 7 San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and after a formatting error from the San Francisco elections website, Francis Xavier Crowley has pulled...

Ed Lee elected mayor of San Francisco

Megan Taros November 9, 2011

Ed Lee won San Francisco's mayoral election today with a 61 percent majority vote. The ranked-choice voting process went on for 11 rounds, eliminating one candidate each time until one received at least...

San Francisco mayoral race: diverse candidates heat up election

Cassie Becker August 28, 2011

With last-minute entries, surprise candidates and over a dozen people running, this year's race for San Francisco mayor is shaping up to be one of the most intense elections yet. Sixteen candidates are...

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